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The goal of SkiWax.ca is to provide ski wax and accessories to skiers across Canada.

A lot of skiers across the country have difficulty accessing a good wax selection -- particularly in locations remote from well stocked ski shops. This includes everyone from recreational skiers to racers. Skiwax.ca is here to help you with your wax selection. As you'll see browsing through the web site we have a wide variety and range of waxes and accessories. From old wood skis to the modern race skis you're covered -- tip to tail!

At SkiWax.ca we really enjoy skiing a lot. And we know the right wax makes skiing even more enjoyable! Not too surprising we like ski wax -- even klister! You just need to know the best and easiest way to apply it. That's the secret to having a great ski day. But we keep no secrets here. Our technical pages are geared toward helping you choose the right wax and applying it without fuss.

SkiWax.ca is an Internet-only store due to our very focused specialization.

Most of our customers are repeat customers and we'd love to have you as a repeat customer too. Though our web pages many and detailed we are not a "mega corporation" -- we are a small family run business. As such we try to be flexible and fast with our responses to everyone.

We look forward to hearing from you with any questions or comments you might want to ask us at "Ask at SkiWax.ca" (replace 'at' with '@') or by telephone at (519) 404-1742.

If you have placed an order and have any questions please e-mail Orders at SkiWax.ca or telephone at (519) 404-1742.

Skiwax.ca is a direct registered merchant with Visa, Mastercard and American Express. All transactions will appear on your Credit Card as "SkiWax.ca" only. All transactions are hand checked before processing.

Skiwax.ca's mailing address is 168 White Pine Cres, Waterloo, Ontario, N2V 1C1 with a telephone number of (519) 747-5293. All enquires should be made by e-mail or telephone only -- thanks.

Policies and Procedures

Skiwax.ca has a series of Policies and Procedures listed below. If you have any questions or would like more information please contact us.

Shopping Carts: Shopping carts only contain the wax and waxing accessories that you have selected. They do not contain any personal information such as credit card numbers, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers. If you decide to surf the Internet before purchasing then your shopping cart is held for you (for one week). You can remove items from your cart at checkout time.

Delivery: Shipping your order to you is important and we want to see that it arrives with reasonable speed. Most items can be shipped by XpressPost or Courier. By Courier the order should arrive in 1 to 2 business days once you receive confirmation by e-mail that the item has shipped. By XpressPost the order should arrive in 1 to 3 business days once you receive confirmation by e-mail that the item has shipped. Orders by XpressPost to the USA take between 3 to 5 business days. All orders are shipped with tracking numbers in case there is a problem (this has been extraordinarily rare). All deliveries will be made to physical addresses only. If you have any questions about shipping please e-mail or telephone us. We want you to feel comfortable with your order. If your order is late arriving please inform us as quickly as possible so that we may being the tracking process.

Transactions: All transactions are in Canadian Dollars. Your account will only be debited for the items that are actually shipped. If your credit card normally uses a currency other then Canadian dollars then your credit card company will apply a conversation rate to your currency. If you feel that we have made an error in debiting your account please let us know as soon as possible by e-mail or telephone.

Cancellation: Orders received are shipped as soon as possible. This usually means about 3:30pm Eastern Time. Items are not charged to your account until they are shipped. The sooner you can notify Skiwax.ca that you would like to cancel your order the easier it is for everyone. There is no charge for a cancelled order unless it has already been shipped. Once shipped, if you still want to cancel your order, it becomes a Return.

Returns: You may return ordered items provided that they have not been used or damaged, and the items must be received back at SkiWax.ca within two weeks. You must contact Skiwax.ca before making a return by e-mail or telephone and receive a return authorization number. Once items have been received back at Skiwax.ca your account will be credited less the cost of shipping. If an ordered item is damaged or not functional please contact SkiWax.ca as soon as possible by e-mail or telephone. These items are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Security: You can verify that the Skiwax.ca web site is correct with the GeoTrust icon located on the home page. The SkiWax.ca web site can be checked with it's security certificate when a secure transaction starts. If your browser complains it does not recognize the certificate you likely need to update your browser. Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 7 are a minimum. You should regularly update your browser to ensure you are secure. The site has been checked further by the credit card companies. You should also know that each order is human verified and that your credit card number cannot be automatically charged from the web site. Credit cards are charged off-line (not via the Internet).

Credit Card Numbers: Skiwax.ca is a directly registered merchant with Visa, Mastercard and American Express. All transactions will appear on your card from "SkiWax.ca". The Skiwax.ca site is also verified by GeoTrust (click on the logos on the home page). Your credit card number is only collected over a 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection. This makes it very difficult for someone to read it on the Internet. Once the order is received containing the credit card number, the order is encrypted with a 1024-bit key. This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to read the order. Orders are collected frequently and removed from the web server to machines not accessible via the Internet. The order is temporarily opened to fill it and charge the credit card. The order is then encrypted back. In the unlikely event that the Skiwax.ca web site is broken into and that your order is still there, each order could only be read after several years of attempting to decrypt the order. If you would prefer to telephone your credit card number to SkiWax.ca please read the payment methods page or call us at 519-404-1742. Your credit card number and expiry date will not be written in whole or in part on any receipt, electronic or paper, for any reason.

Privacy: The information collected to complete your order stays with Skiwax.ca. The information is not provided, loaned, shared, rented or sold to any third party. The information in your order is maintained for reference in case it is needed to verify shipping, ordered items, etc. Skiwax.ca will use your e-mail address to inform you of the status of your order. Skiwax.ca may use your e-mail address to check that you are satisfied with your order or inform you of news about Skiwax.ca. SkiWax.ca may contact you by your telephone number to notify you if there is a difficulty processing the order if e-mail is not an appropriate method of exchange. Your name and address will be used for shipping the order. The Protection of Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act governs the use of all information provided; more information is available from the web site of the Privacy Commissioner. If you have any questions about the privacy of personal information please contact SkiWax.ca by e-mail or telephone. We address this topic seriously.

Out of Stock: It does happen that we will be out of stock of an item. We try and update the web site for this status. If your order happens before we update the web site we will contact you by e-mail with possible solutions. Solutions will vary according to the item and backorder status. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for an item on order please e-mail us. People on the waiting list get the first chance to buy an item before the web site lists it as back in stock.

Cookies: Cookies should be something that you enjoy as a snack after skiing! :-) For cookies with a web browser the need is murky. Technically everything can be run without using cookies. A problem arises because of ISP's. Not SkiWax.ca's ISP, but the ISP you might be using. There are a number of ISP's that claim they need to change the IP address of their customers at regular, short intervals (often between 2 to 6 hours) for "security" purposes. The IP address is akin to a house address on the Internet. The "security" arguement is a crock. If someone decides to break into your house do you believe that changing the house number will prevent it? What the changing of the IP address does do is cause problems for customers using shopping carts. So after 5 years of not using browser cookies we find that we must "give in" to allow for easier shopping. For those of you who are more technically savvy please understand it is the non-technical savvy (most people) that we must do this for. The cookie we will start using will be "session only" browser cookies. That means they will last only as long as your browser is running. When you complete a purchase we will delete the browser cookie. As previously, the information being collected during purchase is not associated with a cookie. So should someone copy your cookie or generate a cookie that matches, then any information that you provide at purchase (name, address, credit card, etc.) will not be seen. In fact this information will disappear for you too if you browse away from the purchase pages.

Skiwax.ca is Canada's on-line ski wax speciality shop. Founded in 2002 by Rodney Ruddock to meet the needs of skiers across Canada. Based in Waterloo, Ontario and connected across the country via the Internet. It's your ski wax shop in your own home!

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