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For skiing, cycling, running, walking and all sports happening in cold weather.
These AirTrim masks are designed to exchange heat and exchange moisture while you are outside exercising. Invented and made in Sweden these masks are used by many athletes for skiing, running and cycling in cold and very cold weather. Their extremely light weight means no fatigue while wearing it.

The mask is contoured to fit to the face and is held in-place with an adjustable elastic band. You can warm-up before a race using a more dense filter (e.g. #1) and then switch to less-dense (e.g. #3) for the race. Do not wash the filters since they are paper-based. The mask can be cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth. When wearing the mask the correct position for the strap to be is at the base of skull where your neck attaches (not high up).

There are 5 different filters that can be used to match to your activity level and heat-exchange requirements. The filters can easily be changed by removing the outer ring and popping the filter out.
The "asthma" filter is the most dense and will provide the most exchange of heat and moisture but is also the most limited for air flow so it is recommended for low-intensity activity.
The "sport" filter is the next filter (sometimes called the original or standard filter) and matches with most activity levels.
The race filters (#1, #2 and #3) progressively have more air flow and decreasingly have less heat & moisture exchange but are ideal for high levels of activity.


Benefits of the AirTrim mask include:

  • easier breathing
  • breath with mouth, nose or both
  • core body temperature maintained
  • less cold weather clothing needed
  • ability to easily feed and drink during activity
  • light, durable foam (no conductive metals)
  • higher air flow than scarves
  • easy to maintain


Correct Mask Fitting

AirTrim Model

Note the strap is low, under the ears and across the back of the neck.


AirTrim Technical Pamphlet

Here is a link to the AirTrim pamphlet with some good descriptive information.


AirTrim Videos

Video link for changing the filter.
Quick video we did for correctly wearing the mask.


The number one question asked is "by how much does it warm the air I'm breathing?"
With the Sport filter in the mask, outside air at -22°C (-8°F), no wind and standing the inhaled air is +19°C (66°F). When walking or running at -22°C (Sport filter) the inhaled air is +10°C (+50°F) due to user movement.

AirTrim Masks

Available is several colours: Blue, Black, Grey/Silver and White.

AirTrim mask
AirTrim Mask (Sport)

AirTrim Mask (Sport) $57.00 each
AirTrim mask as described above. Comes in several different colours (blue shown above)-- new for 2012 is White. Comes with "sport" filter and racing #1 filter. This is the choice for skiers, runnings, cyclist, dog sledders, winter campers, etc. Additional filters are extra (shown to right).

AirTrim mask, grey
AirTrim Mask Asthma

AirTrim Mask (Asthma) $57.00 each
With two (2) Asthma filters. AirTrim mask as described above. Available in Black and Grey. We have added some of the AirTrim masks pre-packaged with an Asthma filter to our stock due to demand. The Asthma filter is the highest density and thus will transfer the most heat and the most moisture. Because the Asthma filter has the highest density it is best used at during sedate activity. Additional filters are extra (shown to right).

AirTrim Filters 2+3
AirTrim Filters

AirTrim Filters $25.00 each
(Currently out of Racing 3 filters; more on order)
Additional filters that can be used with the AirTrim mask. We've expanded the available choices of filters -- you can now get a pack of 2 filters in a variety of combinations. The #3 racing filter has the largest air flow and is best for racing above -15°C. Around -15°C and colder we recommend using the Racing filter #2 at least because it has more heat transfer. You may want to use the racing filter #1 instead when it's really cold. Two filters per package. Image above shows Racing filters #1, #2 & #3 (left to right). Home

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