FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) with Answers

If you have a question that is not listed here, or you would like some additional information about an answer please ask us by e-mail at "Askus at SkiWax.ca" (replace 'at' with '@') or by telephone at (519) 747-5293.

What if I'm nervous about using my credit card on the Internet?

We understand there are people who are concerned about using their credit card on the Internet. You can telephone SkiWax.ca at 519-747-5293 to place your order if you wish, no problem. Credit card numbers given to SkiWax.ca by Internet or telephone are hand-checked before processing. No automatic charging is done. Credit card numbers are not shared with a third party. Your credit card number is never placed, in whole or in part, on a receipt/invoice sent to you (or anyone else).

How long does it take to ship my order?

If your order arrives before 3:00pm (1500h) EST then your order will be shipped on the same day. The time it takes to arrive is given in the e-mail receipt that will be sent to you. You still receive a paper receipt with the order. There are two shipping methods: ExpressPost and Courier. Courier is for next day delivery. ExpressPost is much faster and trackable than regular mail. Typically for ExpressPost orders in Canada the time is 1 to 3 business days. If you live in the Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa areas it will take 1 business day by ExpressPost. If you live in rural PEI or north rural Saskatchewan it will typically take 3 business days. The Halifax, Calgary, Winnipeg and Edmonton areas are typically 2 business days. There is an oddness with Friday orders going to the Vancouver area. They will typically take only 1 business day because the order will travel over the weekend which are non-business days.

What is the cost of shipping?

The shipping cost varies depending where you are located and the size/weight of the items orders and whether you have chosen ExpressPost or Courier. Courier is always more expensive, but in some cases not any faster (see the question above). The best way to determine the shipping cost for your ordered items is to start the checkout and enter where you live. Then submit the information. You are not committing to the order yet. The next page will provide all of the shipping and tax information based on your order and your location.

How reliable is the shipping you use?

The reliability is quite high. Out of the hundreds of packages shipped we have only had 2 packages that have never been recovered. We've had a few that were "lost" for 1 week (no tracking data). Those packages reappeared in the tracking system late and were delivered. While we could not confirm the problem we think it may have been because of an extra bar code on the box; we check for extra bar codes always now and have not experienced the same problem since. Occationally, in particular around the Christmas rush time, some packages have taken an extra 1 to 2 days to arrive. All orders are insured when shipped. All orders are tracked and we can find out where the package is (or has been) with time stamps.

I have a technical question about XXXXX

Please check the SkiWax.ca Tech Pages for many in-depth articles about waxing. If you cannot find the information send us e-mail at "Askus at SkiWax.ca" (replace 'at' with '@') and we will be happy to help you out directly.

I need some advice on waxing and skiing

You can consult the SkiWax.ca Tech Pages for information about preparing and waxing skis. If you have additional questions please ask us by telephone (519-747-8076) or by e-mail ("Askus at SkiWax.ca" (replace 'at' with '@')).

Is the item in stock?

If you can choose to "add" the item to your shopping cart then the item is in stock. When items go out of stock more is usually on order and you can be placed on a waiting list for "first dibs" when it comes in.

Do you carry item YYYY? I can't find item YYYY.

Please ask us by e-mail ("Askus at SkiWax.ca" (replace 'at' with '@')) or by telephone (519-747-5293) if you cannot find an item you need. If we do have the item we will direct you to the location on the web site. Otherwise we can attempt to order some for you and maybe begin to stock the item regularly. Many of the items we carry are here based on customers asking for them.

What are your policies about returns and privacy?

Please read our About web page for information about all policies.

Can you help with my very cold wax application?

You bet we can! One of our most favourite times is when the thermometer gets below -25°C. At these temperatures good glide and bad glide are easily separated. Check out our Tech Page on Cold Glide Waxing for info and tips. Please remember to dress right for the cold and the wind.

Do you have any "deals" on wax and/or tools?

The bulk waxes are a great deal and are available for each of the brands we carry. The cost per 100g is very good. We also have Packages available for popular groupings of wax and tools.

Do you offer teams any discount?

If your team is a University Team, Provincial Team or Club Team (registered) then have the head coach contact us by e-mail at "Askus at SkiWax.ca" (replace 'at' with '@') for the details. This includes Nordic and Alpine teams.

Can I email or talk with a human?

Yes, this is possible. A human responds to all e-mail (no skis or wax boxes are allowed to use the computer). You can email to"Askus at SkiWax.ca" (replace 'at' with '@').

To talk with a human call our telephone (listed at the bottom of every web page). If you get the (non-human) answering machine, the real human will call you back.

I emailed you but didn't get a response

Sorry if this has happened to you. We get a horrid amount of Spam. Depending on the day we get between 2000 to 4000 spams per day! A good number of these are the result of doofusses using fake SkiWax.ca email addresses when they sign-up for something on the web. We do have software that trims this down to what looks like "real e-mail". With this much Spam you may get caught in the filters and not noticed when we do a quick visual scan at the end of the day. So please try again with a Subject that is very descriptive because this helps a lot.

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