More On Order

What it means

When you discover that an item cannot currently be ordered and has the note "more on order" this means:

Please note that at the end of a season the resupply of this item may not happen until the next season for practical reasons.

We strive to have all items in stock all year long. The time until an item becomes restocked will vary depending availability from our suppliers. Our suppliers are very good at helping us keep items in stock. Occationally market demands will cause longer delays than usual for restocking an item.

Waiting Lists

If you are interested in an item that is currently on order you can be placed on a waiting list. People on a waiting list will be notified immediately when the item is restocked and a portion of the stock will be reserved for a reasonable period of time for them. You can ask to be placed on the waiting list for any item by sending e-mail to us at "Askus at" (replace 'at' with '@') or by telephone at (519) 404-1742.

For example, we have (or have had) waiting lists for Pine Tar, Red Creek brushes, and Toko HelX. Other items have (or have had) waiting lists. Being on a waiting list does not commit you to purchasing this item. Home

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