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Ski Swaps happening across the land

Oct, 2011
It's that time of the year again when ski clubs acoss the country are holding, or about to hold, their annual ski swaps. It's a great chance to meet old ski buddies while checking out ski gear. It's also a great opportunity to welcome some new people into the nordic skiing by showing them how they can get some good equipment in good shape at a decent price even though a few hundred K's of trail have gone by.

Ski*go's Newest Wax for 2011/12

Skigo has finally named its new wax for the 2011/12 season: C110. This is for all types of snow -10° to -20°C. It aims to improve the position between C105 and C380. Though it's worth noting Skigo was doing very well already in this range (witness the number of teams at the 2011 WJrCh/U23 Trials using Skigo gliders day after day). We'll have more information once the wax arrives and we have a chance to test it at some races. Here's hoping for a cold race!
As a bit of trivia, this is not the same wax that was tested for the Vancouver Olympics with the code name "C110" -- that wax became the C44/7 update.

Weather for the 2011/12 Winter

Sept, 2011
The weather service have made their computer forecasts and the Farmer's Almanac has consulted something for a slightly different forecast. By all accounts northern Europe is going to have a another great winter for snow and for temperatures. This will be the 3rd in a row and is something that hasn't happened in a long time. This is really good for skiers in Canada & the US, not because you can go there and have some really great skiing, but because it will mean a increase in the number of skiers. How can that be good for North America? It means the skiing industry (skis, poles, waxes, etc.) will do better which means a healthier variety of gear for you over the long term.
Weather in Canada is, of course, not looking to be uniform. Predictions are to have a warmer and less snowy winter than "average". Alberta is supposed to be colder, but that just might be the continuation of this past summer ;-) The varability on the Canadaian forecast looks to be pretty wide right now and isn't worth a serious discussion or much fretting. We'll come back to this topic in a couple month when the data is more solid.
In the meantime: just get ready to ski lots :-) Home

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