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AirTrim Heat/Moisture Exchange Masks

For Excercise Induced Asthma (EIA), cold and dry conditions

AirTrim mask
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AirTrim masks are designed to help people breathe easier in cold and/or dry conditions -- this includes exercise induced asthma in these conditions. This light-weight mask has a filter that absorbs some of the heat and moisture from your own breath to re-heat and re-moisturize the air when you inhale. This helps keep you warmer and makes breathing easier. Often called a cold weather mask or heat exchange mask. Airtrim is latex free.

AirTrim mask
AirTrim mask
AirTrim mask

Invented in Sweden for skiers, runners, cyclists and others involved in cold and/or dry outdoor conditions. Athletes with cold, exercise induced asthma will find this mask helpful in training and racing. Workers in artifically cold conditions such as industrial freezers have also benefited from using the AirTrim mask. AirTrim is an Offical Supplier to the Swedish Ski Team to help them train in the cold. There are many athletes in Canada who have started using AirTrim so they can continue training in cold and dry conditions. Mountain climbers have used the AirTrim mask too (an independent review at GearFlogger gives it the "Denali Approved" award).

The AirTrim mask helps to significantly preserve core body heat in cold temperatures. This can mean less clothing is needed when wearing the mask depending on the filter used.

The AirTrim mask is for you if you:

  • exercise in cold weather
  • work outside in cold weather
  • work in the refrigeration industry
  • are sensitive to cold and/or dry air
  • active in a dry to extremely dry environments
  • climb at altitude
  • have cold weather asthma
  • have exercise asthma

The AirTrim mask allows you to breath using your nose, mouth, both or alternating -- not all heat exchange devices allow this. AirTrim is lightweight. AirTrim is significantly more effective than cloth or fleece wraps or masks. AirTrim has been used as cold as -55°C.

AirTrim mask
AirTrim Blue
AirTrim mask
AirTrim Black
AirTrim mask
AirTrim Grey/Silver

There are three colours available for the mask (Blue, Black and Grey/Silver) with five (5) different filters (Asthma, Sport, Racing #1, Racing #2 and Racing #3). The different colours are for personal style. The 5 filters provide different levels of heat/moisture exchange and air flow. The Racing #3 filter provides the most air flow and lowest heat/moisture exchange. Conversely the Asthma filter provides the lowest air flow and the highest heat/moisture exchange. The other filters provide a graduated level of air flow and heat/moisture exchange between the Asthma and Racing #3 filters.

Asthma filter

Sport filter

Racing #1 filter

Racing #2 filter

Racing #3 filter

Use the AirTrim mask during training, race warm-ups and race cool-downs. AirTrim is easy to use during races short or long because of the low position of the strap. The mask can easily be lowered for drink or food during a race and then repositioned. Please note the correct position of the strap on the models in the photos.

Typically the Sport or Racing #1 filters are used during training while the Racing #2 or Racing #3 filters are used during races. The filters are easily exchanged by removing the snap ring.

The AirTrim mask is easy to use and is much more effective than wrapping your face with a scarf. Cleaning is done with the wipe of a damp cloth. Filters should be dried between use and should not be washed (paper-based).

The AirTrim masks are available in the Asthma and Sport packages. The Asthma package includes 1 AirTrim mask plus the Asthma and one other filter. The Sport package includes 1 AirTrim mask plus the Sport and Racing #1 filters. Additional filters are available in a package of two (2) for all filter types and there is a filter package of all three (3) Racing filters.

AirTrim can be ordered through your local sports specialty store, if they do not already carry it, by asking them to contact Ski*go Canada. For example, Fresh Air (Ottawa), FastTrax (Edmonton), Trail Sports (Canmore) and (on-line) carry AirTrim.


Wear with the strap low (as shown above with the model) for best fit. When worn correctly the mask can be lowered for eating and drinking. Lowering the mask can be done wear gloves, mitts and ski poles.

Use the mask during a training session first to get used to the mask before using it in a race.

Choose the filter to match the temperature conditions for your needs. Everyone is a bit different.

Testing Information

The tests were carried out by the Ergonomics and Psychology Section of the National Institute for Working Life at Solna, Sweden. Arbetslivsinstitutet Enheten f”r Ergonomi och Psykologi SE-171 84 Solna

Air temperature measurements wearing Airtrim. The temperature of inhaled and exhaled air was measured on a subject wearing the Airtrim mask in ambient temperatures of -22°C and -10°C. The measurements were made approximately 1 cm inside and outside the filter. The tables below show the values for inhaled air.
Please note that the "medium" filter is not currently available.

Asthma Filter in mask

Medium filter in mask

Sports Filter in mask

Other Studies

Efficacy of a Heat Exchanger Mask in Cold Exercise-Induced Asthma,
David A Beuther, MD & Richard J Martin, MD, FCCP
In this study the authors concluded that "heat exchanger mask blocks cold exercise-induced decline in lung function at least as effectively as albuterol pretreatment. " The study used a different mask that does not appear to be as effective as the AirTrim mask.

Pamphlet / Brochure

We have a two page pamphlet available as a PDF for web browsers and as a larger PDF file for printing.
Nous avons une brochure disponible en fran‡ais.

Obtaining an AirTrim Mask

If you have a favorite skiing, cycling or sports store you can have them contact Ski*go Canada. You can also contact any of the shops listed on our contacts web page or you can purchase with the on-line retailer

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