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Behind Olympic medals: SKIGO strap developed by students

SKIGO 2014 Race Strap

Students working at Sport Tech at Mid Sweden University were the innovators for a new strap for ski poles used during the 2014 Olympics. Sprint medallist Teodor Peterson is one of the Swedish skiers who used the students' innovation during the races.

"It's incredibly fun. The aim of our thesis work was to develop a product that could be sold, but that it would be part of the Olympic medals, we never dreamed it!", says Arvid Larsson, a former student at the Sports Technology Program.

It started in spring of 2013 when SKIGO laid out a mission for two students. Arvid Larsson and Fred Sundstrom came back with the idea to use a new form of locking for the hand straps on ski poles. The new strap has a swivel buckle with wire locking instead of Velcro. It gives a better fit & easier adjustment. The strap can be tightened to provide more direct contact into the pole.

"We produced and tested many prototypes in the lab in Östersund and had contact with hand specialists for orthopedic parts. There is a large strain on your hand during poling, so it's important that the pressure is distributed properly to avoid injury", says Arvid Larsson.

"The thesis was a very good foundation that we've developed further. It's fantastic that we've been able to achieve a finished product so fast", says Andreas Karlsson, product developer at SKIGO and a former student at Sport Tech.

The hand strap is an important but perhaps overlooked detail in cross-country skiing. This is where the power transmission between the body and the pole is made. This is where the power transmission between the body and the pole is made. The strap has been further refined by SKIGO and produced by Lindvalls Industri AB in Östersund. The top poles from SKIGO will have the new strap for all ski racers in the 2014/15 season.

"We frequently subcontract work to students. Especially in Östersund where we have test environments, education and businesses that will do the prototype productito new products and innovations", says Andreas Karlsson.

Today's strap is only with the top racing models, but within a year it will expand to other pole models. Teodor Peterson, Lars Nelson and Calle Halvarsson are skiers on the Swedish National Team that use the strap.

"Our students show that education is a very high level and it contributes to our position as a unique education in a unique environment that puts much interaction. This type of collaboration is incredibly important to us and add value to both our students and for entrepreneurs", says Lars-Erik Rännar, program director.

[original article in Swedish at]

SKIGO sponsored athletes across Canada will have the option of using the new strap starting with the 2014-15 season. Additional Race pole enhancements this season will be discussed in future articles.

Largest Rollerski Race Sponsored by SKIGO: AllainsLoppet!

Skigo XC Carbon Classic Roller Ski

Now that SKIGO is #1 in roller skis in Sweden SKIGO thought that it would be fitting for SKIGO to become the official supplier of roller skis to the largest rollerski race the AllainsLoppet!
This means, among other things, that the top 150 will go on SKIGO Carbon roller skis with SKIGO standard wheels 2.0.
At SKIGO we are very proud and excited to be the official supplier to AllainsLoppet, the world's largest roller ski race, that will also be television broadcast in Sweden and Norway. Races range from 16km to 48km for most skiers. There is a special 1.6km race for children up to 12 years old. Both skate and classic races happening of course. From 20-23 August in Trollhättan, Sweden there are several days of racing leading to AllainsLoppet on the 23rd.

World First! NIS Plates on Roller Skis by SKIGO!

SKIGO Roller Ski NIS Plate

SKIGO is always at the leading edge and this confirms it. This season the XC Carbon Classic and NS Carbon Skate roller skis have an NIS plate. This means you can attach and adjust your NNN bindings on SKIGO roller skis the exact same way you do it on your snow skis. SKIGO is the first and only roller ski manufacturer licensed by Rottefella for NIS plates on roller skis. SKIGO roller skis are manufactured by SKIGO and only for SKIGO (our Carbon roller ski production facilities are private). Of course you can still get the XC or NS Carbon as before if you use another binding system.

Check out our mini-catalogue on SKIGO roller skis and accessories for pictures and information.

Canadian Nationals, Cornerbrook, NL, March 2014

It's was great to see everyone at Nationals. The weather was quite a mix over the week with rain and screaming wind to snow and sunny-calm. There were a lot of exciting races over the whole week. Hope you've had time to recover (it's taken us a while). Next year XC Nationals is in Thunder Bay, Ontario at Lappe Nordic. We're already getting our plans in motion for then and we hope you are too!

After Nationals everyone has done more skiing of course. But a big congrats go out to Jenn Jackson and Andy Shields at NDC. As a team they set a new record of 455km in 24h at the Lappe Nordic 24h challenge. That is truely an amazing and awesome accomplishment. Get a calculator and do the stats yourself! At SKIGO we're extra proud of Jenn and Andy because we sponsor these two great athletes.

Quebec Midget Championships

We'll be attending the Quebec Midget Championships for the Saturday and Sunday races (March 1 & 2) to give wax recommendations and talk with people about Skigo waxes andd ski poles. This year it is hosted by Club Défi in St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, QC. Hope to see you there!
[By agreement, teams will only wax to HF waxes at most so our recommendations will be matching this.]

OUA Championships -- Tour de Nipissing

The OUA Championships (University) are being hosted by Nipissing Univeristy this year in North Bay. As the "Tour" part of the name suggests events are being held in three different locations around North Bay. Skigo will be on-site for the Saturday and Sunday races providing wax recommendations and to talk with coaches & skiers. Saturday's races are downtown North Bay (the old train station) and should be exciting to watch!

Demo Day at Highlands Nordic

A demo day is happening Saturday, 15 February at Highlands Nordic. We'll be on-site to talk with skiers about waxing, Skigo waxes, Skigo poles, etc. We'll have our fully line of Skigo poles for skiers to try out.

2014 Eastern Canadian Championships, Cantley, QC

Congratulations to all of the athletes at Eastern Canadians. There was a lot of good skiing. Thanks to the organizers and volunteers for another smooth Easterns.

An extra high-5 to all of the Skigo sponsored skiers. We're very proud to be helping with your dreams and hard work. Thanks to all of the teams for testing and using Skigo waxes.

Muskoka Loppet & OUA Races, Arrowhead Park, Huntsville

It was a chilly weekend for racing but with a low humidity at -28C it was pretty good. It actually felt colder when it warmed up to -13C with higher humidity on Sunday. That's a segway to say the snow was dry for the loppet on Sunday meaning Skigo C380 was ideal for the -25C snow temp at the start. A key thing to remember is you want to polish C380 with a nylon brush to make sure any sharp edges, from scraping and brushing with the fine steel brush, get smoothed out.

Ontario Cup #1, Highlands Nordic

We'll be on-site at Highlands Nordic for Ontario Cup #1. The snow looks good and the, of course, so do the trails. The white board will be up with recommendations early in the morning as usual. See you there!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We are wishing you, your family and friends a Merry Christmas. May you have lots of well groomed trails this holiday season to get out skiing. Be ye skiing for recreation, fitness or racing you all ave something in common -- a great passion for the outdoors and how well it can make you.

If we don't see you on the trails then we also want to wish you a Happy New Year too. May all your skiing dreams happen this winter of 2014.

Canadian Masters Championships (Hunstville, ON)

Congratulations to all of the skiers at this year's Masters Championship and thanks to the Arrowhead NSC for hosting a great event. While it was a warm week, the snow was deep so lots of good trails. We were here for the last two days of races and took some video and photos that we'll post on our Facebook page this week (you can ask for better copies too).

Ontario Midget Championship

This was a really great weekend of races for the young kids. The weather was warm, with a bit of fresh snow and, most important, a huge snowball free-for-all! It was great to see the kids having fun while racing and while hanging out in the woods. Congratulations to everyone who raced and thanks to the Bruce Ski Club & volunteers for running the event.

For the coaches and wax techs aiming to get the kickwax right this weekend it was a real challenge. With the temperature hovering around 0°C but moving up and down by a degree, and snow occationally falling, it was tough. Pre-testing on Saturday was difficult and didn't help for Sunday much. On Sunday everyone dialed in their kickwax at about +1°C only to see the temperature drop to -0.5° an hour before start (wind from the north increased causing this) and the kickwax change. Congratulations to everyone for surviving though this panic :-) Pre-temperature drop Skigo LF Orange was the best choice. After the temperature drop both HF Red and HF Violet were used (difference based on skis and skiers at this young age).

Glide wax was a lot easier because, as many of you know, the Midgets Championships do not allow fluro toppers. So any of the Skigo Yellow HF, LF or XC glides were the choice for both days. We were happy to hear back from coaches that Skigo Yellow was beating the other brands.

OCup #2, Walden (Sudbury)

It was a great set of races. The Walden facilities have really grown quite a lot since the last skiing event. Congrats to the Walden club for putting on a good event and all that construction for the buildings and trails!

World Jr/U23 Trials (Noram) + OCup #1, Thunder Bay

Lappe Nordic and Big Thunder ski clubs joined forces to produce an excellent World Jr/U23 Selection Trials at the start of January. A large group of volunteers made sure there was more then enough snow on the trails. Overall the races were cold to very cold with the snow being very dry. This dryness created some interesting effects that made for some not ordinary wax selections. Congratulations to the OC and all of the volunteers for a great set of races.

Ski*go HF Violet grip was regularly the choice for grip and glide with a kickwax with old and dry snow. Typically HF Blue kickwax would be the choice for this snow type and the temperatures. However, the lower fluoro content in the HF Violet is what helped give it a better release of the snow. This held true for the training day, 1st day of racing and the start of the 2nd day. Later in the 2nd day HF Red provided more grip as the tempurature warmed up. For the 3rd day (Sr/Jr Sprints) HF Violet kickwax was again the way to go!

With the dryer humidity in the snow pack Green LF consistently held as the main underlayer for all of the days of training and racing. C110, introduced last season, with it's -10°C to -20°C range was ideal for the the skiathlon & Friday's OCup as the top coat. Saturday saw C110 powder covered with C105 solid as the magic mixture for top speed. The snow continued some transition Sunday with more humidity in it so C105 powder covered with C105 solid became the choice even with the very cold morning temperatures.

Many different combinations were tried during testing each day of course. We're always happen to dissuss how choices 2-6 were for each day if you would like to talk about it at any of the races.

Thanks to all of the teams for trying and using Ski*go wax during the trials. It's always great to hear from all of the coaches and wax techs after how well the waxes are performing!

Finally, but certain NOT least: congratulations to all of the skiers selected for the World Jr/U23 team, especially Andy Shields with NDC, 1st U23 Skiathlon. Andy skied a great race and really worked hard in the last lap as the lead pack really pushed the limit. Andy is sponsored with Ski*go poles and roller skis.

Merry Christmas & Yuletide Race

We want to wish everyone a Merry (and very snowy!) Christmas!!
May your days be snowy and trails well groomed as you have your holiday skiing.

The Yuletide Race at Highlands Nordic was blessed with some timely snowfall. There was a large group of people out to race and lots of spectators to cheers them on. With temperatures sitting at about -4°, high humidity and new snow the obvious waxes to default with were Skigo Orange HF topped with Skigo C105. This was a safe choice. We heard that the a lot of wind had been blowing the new snow around and this would mean broken, very sharp crystals. This would lead to some additional dry friction. So we tested Skigo Red HF and found its hardness made a slight improvement. Next we tested C110 and it came ahead of C105. This resulted in the final recommendation of Red HF + C110. While this was warmer then the recommended range for C110 the extra hardness with C110 for those sharp windblown crystals is what made it the top choice. Once the course was totally packed down at the end of the race the top test shifted back to C105 and Orange HF. Hope that information helps you with your next race! Cheers!

Winter season begins

The winter season has begun west of Ontario with good snow. We hope you get a chance to ski on it! The East is very thin on snow, but there's hope for Christmas (fingers crossed)!!

Our telephone number has been changed to 519-404-1742. You can call or text this number. The old number is now gone. This should keep make contact easier.

Skigo Roller Ski Season

Roller skiing is swiftly upon us this spring. Skigo is pleased to continue offering the best classic roller ski available: the XC Carbon. The feel and response of these sweet skis is incredibly close to being on snow. Constructed of 100% carbonfiber with camber to provide a ride that is extremely smooth and non-fatiguing.

Newly available for 2012 is the Skigo P5/7001 Classic roller ski. These aluminium framed roller skis provide excellent control and tracking to make your training sessions productive.

The NS Carbon Skate provides a smooth, balanced ride that brings joy to every roller skiing session. With fenders & updated graphics for 2012.

All Skigo roller skis are designed and built by Skigo.

Skigo Wax & Service Techs

Skigo Norway car

The new Nordic racing squad in Norway is Team Skigo!
These Norwegians get to travel in style with a new car and great paintwork (shown above). The team of four started training in April 2012 and will have their first set of races this November. The car is just so snazy we couldn't miss showing it to you here!

Skigo Wax & Service Techs

For the upcoming 2012/13 season we are starting to recruit Wax & Service Techs to help us be at more races and loppets throughout the winter. We are looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to learn the skills of waxing and testing skis. You do not need to be an expert already; there will be a full training session for all recruits. The basic skills needed to apply are that you can already ski classic and skate techniques -- this is needed for testing.

Every Skigo Tech will be equipt with all of the Skigo waxes, poles, clothing, and other equipment. This means you will have the best kit throughout the winter. In addition to the training you will have contact with senior Skigo Techs to help you at any time. In return we ask each Skigo Tech to attend 4 days of races or loppets in the season. Beyond this you can do your regular skiing and your participation in races and loppets. If you are interested in doing more events then we have a remuneration schedule.

For more information contact Skigo Canada by e-mail, telephone or in person. Let us know you're interested! Tell us where you're located and briefly your skiing background. This is an amazing opportuntity.

Cross Country Nationals at MSA

The 2012 Cross Country Nationals has concluded now to mark the end of the racing season. Many skiers are having withdrawls symptoms now because of how quickly the weather switched from winter to summer. Some lucky spots out west continue to get snow, so those lucky skiers should not experience symptoms for a while!

All of the races happened under severe warmth and sunshine at Mont Ste Anne and the Plains of Abraham. Everyone was graced by the attendance of the National Ski Team (NST). The chance to see the speed of WC winners in person is of great benefit for everyone.

Thanks to the two host ski clubs and the volunteers for running this event. The number of hours to prepare for and running this large an event is very, very high. We hope they are enjoying some deserved long sleeps. Thanks to all of the teams for testing and using Ski*go waxes; thanks also for your testing feedback. Ski structure played a large role in getting fast skis. We were happy so many clubs had a chance to borrow our tools and get some experience with the Speedy Rillers (e-mail us for technical sheets if you need one).

We're starting to prepare for the summer now and, of course, next season. We'll see you in Callaghan Valley for the 2013 Nationals!

Waxing Tables

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