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Nordic Grip: Kick & Klister Waxes

Nordic Grip waxes are divided into 3 categories:


Easy-go is the fastest and easiest kick wax to apply and use. Easy-go allows you to apply kick wax quickly and effortlessly. Ideal for families and skiers to get out to the trails fast and spend their quality time skiing!

This fast wax for kick wax is a touchless, corkless system. Pop the top off the tube, squeeze some wax out and distribute with the applicator on the end of the tube before recapping the tube. Then let the kick wax dry for 5 to 10 minutes indoors before you head out to ski. No corking! It's as easy as 1-2-3: Apply, Dry, Ski.

While the kick wax dries you can ready your trail snack or hussle the kids into their ski boots. This high quality wax has been used by skiers in the famous Swedish 90km Vasaloppet for the entire distance!

Easy-Go Minus, 100ml

For all snow conditions. When conditions get warmer move to Easy-Go Plus.

Easy-Go Plus, 100ml

Easy-Go Plus
For all snow conditions when it is warm. When conditions are colder use Easy-Go Minus.

Easy Grip Pack

The Easy Grip Pack comes with Easy Grip Plus, Easy Grip Minus, sandpaper wax scraper. Each can has an extra large diameter so the entire width of your ski can be covered with one pass. The built-in cork on the bottom of each can can then be used to smooth the wax across the kick zone. The included sandpaper is to roughen the kickzone to improve longevity of the kickwax application, particularly in abrasive snow conditions.

Each can is 55g meaning you get more than the standard size 45g cans. And the two Easy Grip waxes cover a large temperature range making your wax choice easy (+10° to 0°C & 0° to -15°C). The cans have a larger diameter so you can make a single pass with the can over the kickzone to place the wax before flipping the can to cork the wax. These are high quality waxes that will meet your expectations.

Available now worldwide.

Easy Grip Pack

Kick Waxes

Ski*go has a very tight line of kick (grip) and klister waxes to suit recreational, fitness and racing skiers.

Recreational, casual and active skiers will find the Ski*go XC kickwaxes meet their needs for conditions, application and value.

When conditions become wet and/or dirty begin to use the LF kick waxes (LF Orange and LF Violet). In very wet or icy conditions you may need to move to a klister wax.
In conditions with normal to high humidity above or below zero or with widely variable temperatures the HF (Race) kickwaxes are a must to try. The HF kickwaxes are ideal for races and loppets for their superb grip and glide characteristics. Because of the wide range of HF Blue (-1/°..-20°C) many active families choose it to reduce their time waxing and get out skiing sooner.

The masterful ability of the HF kickwaxes to adjust as the temperature changes proves their abilities time and again over courses with terrain that promotes temperature variances (elevation changes, gullys, shaded versus sunny sections, etc.). The special Ski*go Fluoro contained in the HF kickwaxes not onl;y improves glide and it improves grip too! The Race HF have shown themselves to be critical as an overwax to klisters in difficult waxing circumstances at World Cups, National, Provincial and local races.

Fluoronation helps improve the glide component of kickwax as well as reducing the amount of dirt accumulated from the track. Clean kickwax grips better. The special fluoro available only with Ski*go HF kickwaxes is able to provide temperature flexibility that further enhances the grip and glide.

XC Yellow, 45g

XC Yellow
For snow that is coarse in structure. When XC Orange is not enough. Should be tried before moving to klister. Formerly Silver Special.

XC Orange, 45g

XC Orange
Variable snow conditions (including damp snow). This is a well-know and well-used wax by the top racers for these conditions. Formerly Yellow Special (aka Lindex Yellow and Ex-Lind Yellow).

XC Red, 45g

XC Red
All snow conditions at freezing and just below. Good for improving grip with XC Violet in the 10-15cm ahead of the binding. Formerly Red Special.

XC Violet, 45g

XC Violet
All snow conditions. This kick wax receives lots of use because the temperature it covers matches the conditions when most classic skiing is done. Formerly Purple Special.

XC Blue, 45g

XC Blue
Works well in coarse snow. Very durable. Can be warmed into the kickzone as an underlayer for warmer waxes. Formerly Blue Extra.

XC Green, 45g

XC Green
All snow types in cold conditions. A good overlayer on other kickwaxes with penetrating snow. Excellent with very fine snow in cold conditions and what is often call "high mountain snow". Starting 2008/09 named XC Green. Formerly Blue Super.

Base, 45g

XC Basewax
Basewax for abrasive snow conditions.
When snow and/or track conditions are abrasive or icy kick wax can be worn off quickly. By using the kick basewax the kick wax will last longer.
Apply to the kick zone in a thin layer and cork to smooth it. Then it is prefered that you iron the kick basewax. Allow to cool and then apply the kick wax of the day overtop in several thin layers and cork well. Exciting new formula change in 2008/09 season. Formerly named Basewax.

LF Orange, 45g

LF Orange
When XC Orange does not have enough grip. For variables or snow conditions mixed around freezing. Good when rain and new snow falling together. Fluoronated for wet conditions to improve grip and glide. Use when the snow is dirty, even at normal humidity.

LF Violet, 45g

LF Violet
+0°..-6°C. For all snow conditions. When more glide is needed than XC Violet provides. Works to -8°C when snow is more humid or snow is more coarse.

HF Blue, 45g

HF Blue
All snow conditions except new snow.
This is an extraordinary kick wax that works "right" across this entire temperature range (and even colder). A must for all racing and fitness skiers to have in their wax box. Contains high amounts of a new special fluoro to enhance grip and glide. Regularly used alone to win races when applied thinly. Used with Ski*go HF Violet as a cover regularly. Formerly Racing Universal.

HF Violet, 45g

HF Violet
For new snow and fine snow. When humidity is high.
This is an extraordinary kick wax. A must for all racing and fitness skiers to have in their wax box. Contains high amounts of a new special fluoro to enhance grip and glide. Regularly used as the cover wax for Ski*go HF Blue and Ski*go klisters. Formerly Racing Special (Newsnow).

HF Red, 45g

HF Red
All snow conditions except new snow. Has a distinct soft grip.
This is an extraordinary kick wax. A must for all racing and fitness skiers to have in their wax box. Contains high amounts of a new special fluoro to enhance grip and glide. Contains a touch of graphite to improve the glide. Regularly used below its temperature range (to -10°C) with coarse to very coarse snow. Formerly Racing (Warm).

HF Yellow, 45g

HF Yellow
All snow conditions. Has a strong grip with good glide.
A must for all racing, loppet and fitness skiers to have in their wax box. The kick wax to try before going to Ski*go Racing Klister. Contains high amounts of a new special fluoro that enhances grip and glide. Good with new snow conditions as well snow conditions that have a deteriorating structure due to the warmth. You can use HF Yellow as a cover for Ski*go HF Yellow (+3..+20°C), XC Orange or XC Red klisters. Formerly Racing Extra.

Tour Pack, 3x45g

Skigo Tour Pack
Ideal pack for the classic skiing enthusiast. Three kick waxes and a synthetic cork. The included waxes cover the temperatures ranges most often skied by recreational and enthusiast skiers in areas that are warmer or have older snow. XC Blue -3°/-10°C, XC Red 0°/-2°C, XC Yellow +5°/-1°C.

Klister Waxes

The Ski*go Klister line is all you need! The solution of perfect grip, glide and durability is easy to select. These klisters contain a Ski*go developed anti-freeze lubricant that influences the freezing point of free water under the kick zone. This significantly reduces the risk of the kick zone icing, which in turn means better grip and glide.
When puncturing the tube outlet with the opener on the cap be sure to push it in all the way to obtain the maximum size opening. A large opening allows for easier distribution. Always try to apply klister from the tube to the ski base without heating the tube as this will give you maximum control. Warm the klister once it is on the ski base for easier spreading and to maximize bonding to the base (for durability and longevity). If you must warm the tube then have the cap off first and warm the tube outlet area cautiously. Apply klister sparingly as a small amount goes a long way and a thin layer of klister in the kick zone is preferred for grip & glide. Warming the klister on the ski base will allow you to spread the layer thin.
Check the Kick Wax Racing Table
TIP: Klister wax racing tip!

Blue, 60g

Klister Blue
For frozen and crusty snow conditions. When the track has become glazed due to a thaw-freeze cycle. Can be used as a base binder for kickwax when ironed thin (in very abrasive snow).

Violet, 60g

Klister Violet
For mixed snow, ice and crust conditions. Can be used as a binder in very coarse snow for kickwax at warmer temperatures when XC Base is not enough (e.g. when Skigo HF Red is top wax).

Red, 60g

Klister Red
For wet crystal (lost, or has very poor structure) snow. If the snow is wetter or dirty move to Ski*go Silver. When it is a lot warmer move to Ski*go Orange. When the glide is not enough and the snow structure is poor then mix with Ski*go Violet klister. If new snow is starting to fall on the track producing mixed snow (old and new) then use or mixed with Ski*go Universal or Ski*go Orange as the temperature and wetness dictates. As the temperature drops move to Ski*go Violet klister or Ski*go HF Red (+1°..-3°C) as the snow structure dictates.

Silver, 60g

Klister Silver
For wet snow and wet snow that is getting dirty. Mix with Ski*go Orange as the temperature becomes very warm and the snow is dirty. Move to Ski*go Orange alone when the temperature gets warmer and the snow is clean. Can also mix with Skigo Red klister when snow is dirty.

Orange, 60g

Klister Orange
For wet, new snow (snow with good structure) and for very warm conditions regardless of snow type. Ski racers will want to use Skigo HF Yellow for more grip and more glide.

Universal, 60g

Klister Universal
A tar based klister for mixed snow conditions around 0°C. Mixed snow includes new snow over icy snow.
This is the recommended klister for recreational skiers. If the conditions are getting warmer than this klister's range move to Ski*go Silver Klister. Mixes very well with Ski*go Red Klister to give excellent grip and glide when very wet, new falling snow is happening.
Compared with other "Universal" klisters, Ski*go Universal klister works better with new and well-structured snow to avoid clumping and icing.

HF Yellow, 60g

Klister HF Yellow
A new fluoro-based klister for all snow conditions -- even glazed tracks. regardless of snow type. This klister has been extremely well received by racers, coaches and wax techs. It is the "must have" for your wax kit. Formerly Racing Plus.

HF Violet, 60g

Klister HF Violet
The perfect companion to HF Yellow Klister. For granular snow around freezing to provide excellent grip and glide qualities. Can be mixed with HF Yellow Klister when more grip is needed, but not as much needed as HF Yellow Klister alone.

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