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Swedish for Fast Skiing
Suèdoise pour le Fast Ski

    Ski*go Ski Wax

Ski*go ski wax is here!

C44 Glide C380 Glide Race Universal Grip P16 Alpine Glide Ultima LF Glide

Used by European Alpine and Nordic ski teams to bring the speed that they need to the ski trails, now available once again to you.

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NEW! Racing Glide Wax Table for 2004!

NEW for 2004!

For Nordic, Alpine and Snowboard sports. These three new fluid waxes make application of the top end glide waxes a breeze while continuing the superior results that make Ski*go ski waxes famous. Simply apply the fluid over the appropriate underlayer wax and let dry before brushing. Click for detailed application instructions.

C22 Fluid, 30ml

All snow types, +20°..-2°C, humidity 60..100%, hand cork or roto-cork.

C44 Fluid, 30ml,

All snow types except new snow, +3°..-9°C, humidity 60..100%, hand cork or roto-cork.

C55/C99 Fluid, 30ml,

New and fine crystal snow types, +1°..-9°C, humidity 70..100%, hand cork or roto-cork.

These new fluid waxes are best used as a top (final) coating in agressive snow conditions. You may use them overtop the HF glide waxes or pure fluoro powders (C44, C55, etc.).

NEW for 2004!
These two kick waxes are the easiest kick waxes to apply! No corking required! Simply apply the liquid to kick zone of your ski and let it dry for 10 minutes. Now ski!



This easy application kick wax is perfect for the busy skier. Simply apply to the kick zone with no corking needed. While the liquid dries you can finish getting ready to ski. Ski*go's Easy-Go Kickwax Minus covers the majority of good winter skiing temperatures: -1° to -10°C. This is the kick wax for the active family to get out skiing quickly and with good grip!


This easy application kick wax is perfect for all active skiers during warm skiing temperatures. Whether it is a mid-winter warm-up or spring skiing Ski*go's Easy-Go Kickwax Plus has your needs covered from +1° to +10°C. No corking is required for this kickwax after it is applied. Simply let the wax dry for a few minutes. Then head out for the trails! The perfect wax for the family preparing several pairs of skis.

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