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Waxing Tips & Questions

We are compiling a list of waxing tips to help you wax better. The tips are for recreational, active, fitness and racing skiers and snowboarder alike. These tips comes from several sources: Ski*go's factory technicians, Ski*go's field technicians, team coaches & technicians, and from regular skiers too.

If you have a waxing tip please share it with us. We are always happy to receive waxing tips to help improve everyone's skis. Please e-mail: tips At (replace "At" with "@" due to spam from web page crawlers).

Tips List

  1. Glide Wax Table 2010/11
  2. Kick Wax & Klister Table 2008 (Racing)
  3. Glide Wax Table 2006 (older packaging)
  4. Kick Wax & Klister Table 2006 (older packaging) (Racing)
  5. Kick Wax & Klister Table 2006 (Recreational/Fitness)
  6. Applying Pure Fluoros
  7. Klister Waxing Tip
  8. Klister Waxing Tip for Racers
  9. Klister Cleanup: #1, #2, #3
  10. Waxing example with C22
  11. Applying Kick Wax:#1, #2
  12. Kick Waxing Tip: Cool those skis first
  13. Kick Wax over Klister: #1 (traditional), #2 (painting)
  14. Kick Waxing Tip: testing
  15. Wax Iron Temperatures for Glide Wax
  16. Cold Weather Glide Waxing
  17. Ski Preparation for Glide Zones
  18. Need a little more grip #1
  19. Photos/images of applying glide and kick wax
  20. Altitude of Ski Race Sites
  21. Applying Ski Wax to Ice Boats, Canoes & Kayaks


  1. How do I apply kickwax?
  2. What does applying wax look like?
  3. What is Fluoro?

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