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Waxing Tools

These tools are the basics that every wax box should have for proper application of waxes and ski tuning.

Ski*go Wax Bench with legs

Skigo wax bench

A solid portable ski bench that every skier should have! The legs fold for easy transportation and securely lock when extended. The profile is adjustable to configure the bench for different lengths of skis. Each profile loop has a rubber top help keep the ski steady. A ski locks to the bench with the ski binding (any Solomon or NNN binding) at the center mount. The center mount can be repositioned to match the ski. The profile loops are aluminium with frame made of steel. The weight is light enough for carrying yet solid enough to stay in place when working on a ski. Comes in red with the Skigo logo. For skiers with shorter skis than average you can purchase at your local hardware store a longer bolt to allow the clasp to extend higher (metric M8 bolt at 40mm in length is usually good).

Ski*go Double Wax Bench with legs

Skigo double wax bench

Similar in features to the Ski*go Wax Bench with legs above but with the ability to have two skis on the wax bench at the same time. Skis can be different lengths because each profile is independently adjustable. Slightly heavier and wider than the single bench because of the extra profile but the length is slightly shorter. Comes in dark blue with the Ski*go logo. Ideal for teams, families and waxing huts. Available starting December, 2008 (pre-orders accepted).

Waxing Iron

Waxing Iron

An excellent iron for waxing Nordic and Alpine skis (including snowboards). This 850W iron comes with a thick, flat base with well rounded edges for all sides. The strong wattage means it can deal with all waxes quickly. Cleaning the iron's base is easy because of the flat base. Includes a long power cord (about 243cm/8ft). An indicator light comes on during heating cycles. Temperature is controlled with a dial from OFF to MAX in °C with MAX being about 160°C. Always let the iron cool for 30 minutes before packing away for normal safety reasons.

Ski*go Pole Case

Skigo pole case

A quality ski pole case to protect your Skigo ski poles. The case helps protect ski poles from transport abuse which might cause damage. The top is securely fastened by zipper. The case can be carried with the included strap or, if your ski bag is large enough, tucked into your ski bag. Will hold up 3 pairs of poles up 175cm in length. (Ski poles not included.)

Corks: Natural and Synthetic

Synthetic Cork

A synthetic cork for working kick & klister waxes and some fluoro powders & blocks into the ski bases.

Natural Corks

Natural cork comes in two different sizes: small and large (about twice the size of the small; 9x6x4cm). Good for applying kick wax and fluoropowders (particularly C22) as the natural corks can generate more heat.

Nylon, Nylon/Brass (Combi), Horsehair and Metal Brushes

Nylon/Brass Combi Brush

Nylon/Brass Combination
A combination brush of brass and nylon bristles. The brass end is good for clearing the ski base structure of old wax and dirt before starting a fresh wax job. The nylon end is good for removing excess wax after scraping.

Nylon Brush

For removing excess ski wax after initial scraping job has been done. Can be used to polish colder waxes. This is the stardard brush to begin all wax kits.

Horsehair Brush

For removing excess fluoronated waxes. The anti-static nature of horsehair helps keep static charges to a minimum. The finer bristles penetrate into the ski base structure to remove excess wax.

Steel Brush

Fine Steel
A very fine bristle steel brush for opening the base structure after brushing with the Horsehair Brush (for 2 to 4 light passes) or just before polishing a hard wax (such as Ski*go LF Green) with a Nylon Brush.

Skigo Cross Country Ski Sleeves

Ski Sleeves

For cross-country skis. The soft, non-abrasive pad keeps the bases from rubbing together while the sleeve hold the skis firmly together.

Scrapers: Steel, Acrylic/Plastic & Groove

Steel Scraper

A stiff, steel scraper for working the bases.

Scraper, 5mm

Acrylic scrapers with the Ski*go logo for removing excess wax on the bases. Comes in two thickness: 3mm and 5mm. The 3mm is ideal for removing kick wax and glide wax on uneven bases. The 5mm is ideal for removing glide wax without bending.

klister scraper

This is a specialized scraper to help skiers remove klister. The severe edge of the scraper helps lift and remove the klister. No more pushing the klister down the ski!

Scraper, Groove

A handy scraper for clearing the ski grooves of wax. Also good for clearing ski edges. Fits easily into your hand with and without a ski glove. Comes with a hole that can be used for a lanyard or for tool racks. The different sized ends have variable shapes to match most ski grooves.



A strong, lint-free paper that is versatile for many uses. Ideal for helping to removing klister, wiping away warm wax, etc. without paper or strands being left behind. Available in two sizes: 14cm x 25m (small) and 28cm x 40m (large).



Fibertex for removing "hairies" from the ski base. Fibertex cuts the excess base material that pulls out of the base over time in little strings or "hairies". By cleaning this base material away the drag of the ski is reduced.

Portable Ski Profile

Portable Wax Profile

Portable ski profile (or vise or bench) that is very sturdy. Made of steel. It holds the skis firmly in position. The two end pieces are covered with a no-slip rubber surface. The center piece attaches to NNN and Solomon style bindings.

Waxing Apron

Professional Waxing Apron

A professional waxing apron with eleven pockets to hold wax, wax tools and other items while you are preparing skis. Helps keep waxes, dust and powders off your ski clothes. Made in Canada 100% as a special Limited Edition. Machine washable. With logo and colour shown.

Skigo Wax Remover, 250ml or 1000ml

Wax Remover 250mL    Wax Remover 1000mL

Skigo Wax Remover is environmentally friendly and odourless. This is a non-citrus based wax remover (important for people with citrus reactions). Comes in two sizes: 250ml and 1000ml.

Skigo Wax Boxes, small and large

Skigo wax boxes

To organize your waxes and ski tools in handy boxes. Inner compartments designed to hold different wax containers and waxing tools. Very rugged case. Comes in two sizes: small and large.

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