Ski Base Kick Structure

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This applies to P-Tex based ski, not wooden based skis.


Remove all old kick wax as thoroughly as possible. You may need to use some wax remover. If so use it sparingly. Apply a small amount to a cloth rather than dripping it directly on the base.

Determine the kick zone, wet it with water and roughen the kick zone using #120 silcon carbide (waterproof) sandpaper. The roughening should be done in a smooth single pass along the length of the ski. The water will help keep the sandpaper clean for smooth cuts and will also help remove cut material from the base. This will provide additional surface for the grip wax without hindering the glide component of the grip wax. Once roughened, remove any loose material and water from the base and then wipe the kick zone with fibertex to remove any bits of base that have not be cut cleanly from the base. With the fibertex wipe at least ten times. The silicon carbide sandpaper is the best sandpaper for making clean, even cuts but even it will leave some small "hairies".

The type of sandpaper makes a significant difference in the quality of the roughened area. A granite coated sandpaper will produce choppier and more irregular cutting. Silicon carbide sandpaper will produce smooth regular cuts. By using a waterproof silicon carbide sandpaper water can be used to help keep the sandpaper clean and to float away cut material. this makes for even cleaner, smoother cuts.

Now apply (optionally) your grip base wax (a.k.a. binder) and/or the grip wax of the day.

sanded base
Sand the kick zone
fibertex wipe
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