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Ski*Go Pink Paper Starter Set Default Title

Ski*Go Pink Paper Starter Set


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Ski*Go Pink Paper Starter Set (Handle and 10 Sheets)

Pink Paper marks a revolution in waxing for cold conditions. Extremely fine sandpaper (3 microns) polishing and finishing the structure of the ski base.

  • Pink Paper can make more of a difference in speed than top coating or applying a powder.
  • Used at temperatures from 0C to -20C (the colder the better) as well as in new snow with aggressive snow crystals.
  • Draw the paper back and forth along the ski base 10 to 15 times and finish by three additional strokes in the running direction.
  • Pink Paper is the last step of the glide waxing of your skis.
  • Think of it as a rill for cold snow!
  • This starter set comes with the plastic handle and 10 sheets of pink paper.
  • Paper attaches to the handle with a fine Velcro.

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