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A tough scraper that stays sharp for a long time

Ski*Go Diamond Scraper

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This scraper is tough! If you hate having to sharpen your scrapers all the time, this scraper is what you need. With the trend in the waxing world going toward harder and harder waxes (like the SkiGo HF universal P16, or the SkiGo HF LDQ 157) you need a scraper that can keep up and stay sharp after more than one pair of skis. This scraper is made from a hard, hard plastic that holds an edge for a loooong time. (5-7 times more skis before you need to resharpen compared to the normal 5mm scraper)
  1. 5mm thick
  2. Looks like a normal scraper so make sure you label it with a permanent marker or a sticker so you know it's the special one
Application Methods

  • Ironed Paraffins
  • Ironed Powder
  • Base Preparation
  • Cold Weather Glide Waxing
  • Warm Weather Glide Waxing