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A fantastic wax for a wide range of new snow temperatures

Ski*Go HF Violet Kick Wax 45g (-2C/-15C)

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The best grip wax ever created for new snow. Fantastic, distinctive feeling of grip throughout it's temperature range. Replaces many waxes with one single can.
New to Fine Snow | (-2°C / -15°C)
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Recommended for:
  • Fresh Falling Snow
  • New Snow
  • Transforming Snow
  • Transformed Snow
  1. Proprietary (and very secret and probably magic) fluoro compound is what gives this wax it's standout grip and glide across it's huge temperature range.
  2. When testing for grip, use this wax as your benchmark to compare all others.
  3. In situations where the temperature is fluctuating, this wax will work.
  4. For older snow, use Ski*Go HF Blue, for a speedier version of this wax, get "HF Violet 2.0".
  5. Ideal recreational and training wax because it just works, no testing required. Leave it on your skis for the next outing because it'll probably right wax again.
  6. In race situations, this wax often needs a green cover to speed it up especially as it gets colder and drier.
  7. Simplifies kick waxing. Top-notch grip in new snow below -2C.
  8. High-fluoro content repels dirt and water to make this grip fast and stay fast.
  9. Colour-coating is off - this wax is designed for what I call "blue conditions" which are perfect, silky, new snow. If I had my way I'd colour it blue.
  • High Fluoros
Application Methods

  • Crayon and Cork