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A lighter basket for packed trails

Ski*Go Race Pole Baskets Super Light 8mm

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Thanks to good old fashioned engineering and new ways of combining materials, Ski*Go has created by far the lightest basket on the market.
  1. This basket has been developed to give skiers the best possible advantage in speed. To make sure that the pole is fast and easy to use, it is important to have minimal weight at the tip.
  2. The basket should also pack the snow as quickly and well as possible at the point of impact to minimize the energy loss.
  3. To ensure to keep as much energy in the pole as possible, Ski*Go has used the Opeltor turbines principal with all its advantages. This means the compression area is reduced while keeping a very high snow compression capability under the basket.
  4. A cylindrical tip was chosen to increase the grip and reduce the friction when the pole is pushed forward. Thanks to the cylindrical tip lots of material was saved around the tip.
  5. Fits on the rollerski poles, elite poles, racing 1.0, and racing 2.0 poles.
  6. Does not fit the Vasa pole. The Vasas fit 10mm baskets