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A very soft paraffin glide wax for preparing new skis, freshly stoneground skis, cleaning bases, ski base maintenance or for really wet snow.

Ski*Go Base Prep & Cleaning Paraffin Glide Wax 120g (+20C/+10C)

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Used for base prep for brand new or freshly stoneground skis. Also use as base cleaning wax, maintenance wax, or as a wax for super wet snow.
Wet Snow | (20°C / 10°C)
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Recommended for:
  • Fresh Falling Snow
  • New Snow
  • Transforming Snow
  • Transformed Snow
  • Old Snow
  • Icy Snow
  • Man-Made Snow
  1. Brand new or freshly stoneground skis need to be waxed several times before the bases are thoroughly saturated. This soft wax is especially good at thoroughly saturating ski base material.
  2. New layers of wax on top of this wax bind to the base better. Provides a deep-set anchor for other waxes.
  3. Can be used as a base cleaner. Iron in and scrape off while still warm. Wax should bring up a lot of dirt and old base material. Use this cleaning procedure every 100km or even more frequently if you are skiing in dirty snow.
  4. Periodically, iron in a layer of this wax to maintain good saturation of the ski base material even after normal use. Every 200 - 250 km or so iron in a layer of this wax normally (let it cool before scraping) to maintain good base health.
  5. Also can be used as a glide wax for really wet snow
  6. Good choice for hotboxing
  • Hydrocarbons
Application Methods

  • Ironed Paraffins
  • Base Preparation