FILTER - Kick Wax for Saturated, New Snow - Pink Conditions (+20C/0C)

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Racing klister for warm temperatures

Guru Red Klister 55g (+5C/+15C)

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The warmest, softest klister in the guru lineup, this klister is for wet snow when it's as warm as can be
Fine to Coarse Grained Snow | (5°C / 15°C)
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Recommended for:
  • Fresh Falling Snow
  • New Snow
  • Transforming Snow
  • Transformed Snow
  • Old Snow
  • Icy Snow
  • Man-Made Snow
  1. Gets grip in a broad range of snow types in the +5C to +15C temperature range. Works in corny snow to more fine-grained.
  2. Great in clean slushy snow. If there's dirt in the snow consider using Guru Sliver (Red) klister for better dirt handling.
  3. The glide level from this klister in the wet is what really stands out about this klister.
Application Methods

  • Klister Application