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A sticky grip wax for old, coarse snow

Ski*Go XC Yellow Kick Wax 45g (+5C/-1C)

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The warmest wax from Ski*go's affordable XC Kick Wax Line. Great wax for recreational outings, jackrabbits, or practice.

Coarse, Old Snow | (5°C / -1°C)
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Recommended for:
  • Transformed Snow
  • Old Snow
  • Icy Snow
  • Man-Made Snow
  1. Last hard wax to try before switching to klister. Works great in old, coarse snow above zero.
  2. Your best bet is to apply this wax inside at room temperature so it's easier to cork and a smaller chance you'll get big globs. Instead of crayoning this wax on, it's more consistent to dab.
Application Methods

  • Crayon and Cork