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A Low fluoro paraffin glide wax with hardener. Crazy Temperature range! Perfect for High school racing of low fluoro rules.

Ski*Go LF P16 Universal Glide Wax 200g (+2C/-20C)

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The low cost version of Ski*Go's fantastic HF P16 Universal glide wax. Replace all your LF waxes with this one to simplify your wax box.
All Snow Types | (2°C / -20°C)
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Recommended for:
  • Fresh Falling Snow
  • New Snow
  • Transforming Snow
  • Transformed Snow
  • Old Snow
  • Icy Snow
  • Man-Made Snow
  1. A combination of Ski*Go P16 Synthetic Hardener and Low Fluorination for a very hard durable wax. Excellent no-testing required base wax for racing.
  2. From the Ski*Go LF series of Low Fluoro waxes.
  3. Only comes in 200g packaging.
  4. For all snow types in the +2C to -20C range.
  5. Used as a LF base wax for racing, or straight for training.
  6. Under time constraints at races, you may need to base wax the day before competition with limited testing knowledge. Apply this wax as a base the day before to simplify the testing procedure.
  7. Great wax to use if the weather forecast is volatile.
  8. With P16 hardener, this wax is very hard and durable - great for long races.
  • Low Fluoros
  • Synthetic Hardener
Application Methods

  • Ironed Paraffins