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Racing powder for older snow

Ski*Go "OR" Pure Fluoro Powder 30g (-2C/-8C)

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Fresh from the World Cup this powder works in the -2C to -8C range and in all snow conditions. This is a key range and there are a lot of products that work, but a lot are not exceptional due to the varying types of snow in this range.
Older Snow | (-2°C / -8°C)
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Recommended for:
  • Transformed Snow
  • Old Snow
  • Icy Snow
  • Man-Made Snow
  1. A jack-of-all-traits wax that works in all snow types but has a big advantage in mixed snow types.
  2. Great when icy snow has been tiled up into new snow, or when sections of the course are 100% natural snow and other sections are manmade.
  3. Also comes as a pure fluoro block.
  • High Fluoros
Application Methods

  • Ironed Powder