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A basic, yet well made iron for glide waxing.

Holmenkol SmartWaxer Iron

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A very affordable yet, well built and hefty wax iron to get beginner waxers on the road to glory. This glide wax iron can be used to apply paraffin waxes as well as a number of other glide wax products. The temperature on this iron does not go high enough for most fluoro powders, but the max temp of 160C is perfectly adequate for nearly all your waxing needs. This iron feels weighty and well built in your hand. The plate is 12mm thick and etched with cross-grooves to increase distribution of wax across the base. A great feature for inexperience waxers.
  1. North American Plug and Voltage
  2. Twist and click knob for temperature control (50C to 160C)
  3. Comes with handy heat-resistant metal holding tray equipped with rubber bumpers so you don't scratch the plate
  4. Plate is 12mm thick and etched with cross-grooves to distribute wax further across the base.
  5. Fiber-wrapped power cord is more flexible and less likely to get tangled or caught on things as you move up and down the ski.
Application Methods

  • Ironed Paraffins
  • Base Preparation
  • Cold Weather Glide Waxing
  • Warm Weather Glide Waxing