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A tray for holding irons that can clamp to a table

Holmenkol Waxing Iron Tray

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Need to put down your iron for a second? Don't have a safe place to put it where it won't get knocked over or touched by bare skin? This iron holding tray could be the solver to your problem. Made of aluminum, this tray has a built in clamp so you can pop it on your waxing table anywhere you want. Silicon bumpers on the bars let you place your iron, metal down, in the tray so it's out of the way and protected from harm.

  1. Made from aluminium
  2. Silicon bumpers that won't melt below 230C and stay surprisingly clean
  3. Built in clamp can attach to any table under 5cm or 2 inches thickness
  4. Tray is 13 cm by 11cm
Application Methods

  • Ironed Paraffins
  • Ironed Powder
  • Base Preparation
  • Cold Weather Glide Waxing
  • Warm Weather Glide Waxing
  • Glide Tape Application