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10 sheets of Pink Paper refills for the plastic handle

Ski*Go Pink Paper Refill Pack (10 sheets)

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Refill for the incredible Pink Paper system developed by Ski*Go. Truly amazing results in cold conditions. This is a refill pack for the pink paper handle.
  1. Pink Paper is extremely fine paper (3 microns) used for polishing and rounding off the structure of the ski base in extreme cold conditions.
  2. Used at temperatures from 0C to -20C (the colder the better) as well as in new snow with aggressive snow crystals.
  3. Draw the paper back and forth along the ski base 10 to 15 times and finish by three additional strokes in the running direction.
  4. Pink Paper is the last step of the glide waxing of your skis.
  5. Think of it as a rill for cold snow!
  6. Often Pink Paper makes more of a difference in speed than top coating or applying a powder.
  7. Attaches to the handle as a sticker
  8. Each sheet is good for 8 to 10 pairs of skis
Application Methods

  • Base Preparation
  • Cold Weather Glide Waxing