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Learn to Wax

Welcome to the "Learn to Wax" pages for expanding your waxing knowledge!

Here you will learn the craft of preparing skis for a great winter outing no matter what your skill level. Ski waxing is great because there's an unlimited number of snow types and corresponding wax combinations to discover and experiment with. My number one word of advice regarding waxing is to be excited to experiment with you waxing. Try new combinations and build an intuition for what works.


Recreational Section:


Sport Section:

  • Choosing the Wax of The Day (Snow Types, Types of Friction) (Coming soon)
  • Introduction to Ironing, Scraping & Brushing (Coming soon)
  • Kick Wax: Base Binders (Coming soon)


Racing Section:

  • Toppers (Coming soon)
  • Durability (Coming soon)
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