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Gallium HYBRID GREEN HF Glide Wax 50g (-10C/-20C) 50g

Gallium HYBRID GREEN HF Glide Wax 50g (-10C/-20C)


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From Gallium's HYBRID high-fluoro series. HF for cold snow.

Gallium HYBRID GREEN HF Glide Wax for cold snow. Generally, HF waxes work poorly in cold, dry conditions, but in dirtier snow this wax might have the edge.

  • May work better than green low-fluoro waxes in dirtier snow.
  • Very hard wax keeps sharp, cold snow crystals at bay.
  • High-fluoro compound content. This is a race wax!
  • Consider adding a synthetic hardener powder at a 1:1 ratio for better durability and hardness. Drip this wax on first, then tap on the powder, and smoothly iron them out together.
  • Great value this year! Because of the low Yen, this wax is cheaper than the SKIGO equivalent.

All Snow Types -10.0C/-20.0C


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