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Guru Green Kick Wax 45g (-6C/-20C) 45g

Guru Green Kick Wax 45g (-6C/-20C)


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Guru Green Kick Wax - Versatile Tool for you Wax Box

This wax should be in your kit because it can be used in so many ways. By itself in cold snow, mixed with other waxes to speed them up, or as a binder.

  • Used on its own in cold, new snow, it's best to apply with an iron or heat gun for better glide and durability.
  • Really great feel of release which is normal for Guru waxes. That's why it's used on the World Cup so often. Great kick of course.
  • Great as a speedy cover for SkiGo HF Violet or HF Blue kick waxes. Also mix with Guru Red for better reliability in variable, cold conditions.
  • Probably one of the most glide binders out there. Great as a racing binder.

Newly Fallen and Fine Grained Snow -6.0C/-20.0C


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