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Treatment for Optigrip skis

Optiwax Gripcare 60mL (All Temperatures)

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The next generation of chemical nano coating treatments that we use embodies our goal to offer skis that work properly without any waxing, which means more time enjoying your journey on snow. This pioneer in waxless surfaces is being manufactured under the brand names Optigrip and Nanogrip. The secret of simultaneous glide and grip rests in the control of static and kinetic friction in different conditions. Grip and glide properties of the ski are based on the interaction of nano pores and the chemical construction of our coating material with snow. To ensure the best functionality of your skis, it is essential to use the correct care products for the surface in order to keep the surface pores open. Using Optiwax conditioners, you can be sure that the treatment is suitable for this unique surface and you will get the best out of your Optigrip and Nanogrip skis. New product that will increase function of Optigrip skis. It will increase glide and grip properties, it will ease initialization of new pair of skies and decrease freeze problems. Optiwax Gripcare® fluid is easy to spread on the ski with sponge plug. Yoko recommends Gripcare® service product for Optigrip skis. Optiwax Skincleaner® and Glide Tape are perfect combo for skin-ski owner. Glide Tape waxing over the mohair offers perfect glide, prevent ski to became wet, works against dirt and skincleaner cleans the ski when its needed.

All Snow Types | (°C / °C)
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Recommended for:
  • Fresh Falling Snow
  • New Snow
  • Transforming Snow
  • Transformed Snow
  • Old Snow
  • Icy Snow
  • Man-Made Snow
  1. 60mL bottle
  2. Foam dabber for uniform application
Application Methods

  • Waxless Ski Treatment