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Ski*Go Base Prep & Cleaning Wax 120g (+20C/+10C) 120g

Ski*Go Base Prep & Cleaning Wax 120g (+20C/+10C)


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Ski*Go Glider, Saturation and Cleaning Wax

Used for base prep for brand new or freshly stoneground skis. Also use as base cleaning wax, maintenance wax, or as a wax for super wet snow.

  • Brand new or freshly stoneground skis need to be waxed several times before the bases are thoroughly saturated. This soft wax is especially good at thoroughly saturating ski base material.
  • New layers of wax on top of this wax bind to the base better. Provides a deep-set anchor for other waxes.
  • Can be used as a base cleaner. Iron in and scrape off while still warm. Wax should bring up a lot of dirt and old base material. Use this cleaning procedure every 100km or even more frequently if you are skiing in dirty snow.
  • Periodically, iron in a layer of this wax to maintain good saturation of the ski base material even after normal use. Every 200 - 250 km or so iron in a layer of this wax normally (let it cool before scraping) to maintain good base health.
  • Can be used as a mediocre wax for temperatures above 0C.

Wet Snow +20.0C/+10.0C


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