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Ski*Go HF Blue Kick Wax 45g (-1C/-20C) 45g

Ski*Go HF Blue Kick Wax 45g (-1C/-20C)


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Ski*Go HF Blue Kick Wax - Ski*Go's Crown Jewel

By far the best grip wax ever created. Fantastic, distinctive feeling of grip throughout it's temperature range. Replaces many waxes with one single can.

  • Proprietary (and very secret and probably magic) fluoro compound is what gives this wax it's standout grip and glide across it's huge temperature range.
  • When testing for grip, use this wax as your benchmark to compare all others.
  • In situations where the temperature is fluctuating, this wax will work.
  • For newer snow, use Ski*Go HF violet, for a speedier version of this wax, get "Panther Kick (Finn edition) HF Blue".
  • Ideal recreational and training wax because it just works, no testing required. Leave it on your skis for the next outing because it'll probably right wax again.
  • In race situations, this wax often needs a green cover to speed it up.
  • Simplifies kick waxing. Top-notch grip in old snow below -1C.
  • High-fluoro content repels dirt and water to make this grip fast and stay fast.
  • Colour-coating is off - this wax is designed for what I call "violet conditions" which are icy, old, coarse-grained snow. If I had my way I'd colour it purple.

Old Snow, Manmade -1.0C/-20.0C


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