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Ski*Go LF Violet Kick Wax 45g (0C/-6C) 45g

Ski*Go LF Violet Kick Wax 45g (0C/-6C)


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Ski*Go LF Violet Kick Wax - From Ski*Go's LF Kick Duo

Quite a fantastic wax. Great as a race wax as snow temperatures approach 0C. Low-Fluoro content slows this wax from icing.

  • This wax packs a big punch for it's cost. Suitable for racing, but is priced as a training wax.
  • Great feeling of grip and glide from Ski*Go's proprietary fluoro compound.
  • You'll find you'll go through this wax pretty quick - it works in common conditions in most parts of the country.
  • This can work in all snow types, not just new to fine snow. Be sure to test it even in older snow.

New To Fine Snow 0.0C/-6.0C


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