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Ski*Go LF P16 Universal Glide Wax 200g (+2C/-20C) 200g

Ski*Go LF P16 Universal Glide Wax 200g (+2C/-20C)


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Ski*Go LF P16 Universal Glide Wax - Crazy Temp Range

The low cost version of Ski*Go's fantastic HF P16 Universal glide wax. Replace all your LF waxes with this one to simplify your wax box.

  • A combination of Ski*Go P16 Synthetic Hardener and Low Fluorination for a very hard durable wax. Excellent no-testing required base wax for racing.
  • From the Ski*Go LF series of Low Fluoro waxes.
  • Only comes in 200g packaging.
  • For all snow types in the +2C to -20C range.
  • Used as a LF base wax for racing, or straight for training.
  • Under time constraints at races, you may need to base wax the day before competition with limited testing knowledge. Apply this wax as a base the day before to simplify the testing procedure.
  • Great wax to use if the weather forecast is volatile.
  • With P16 hardener, this wax is very hard and durable - great for long races.

All Snow Types +2.0C/-20.0C


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