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MasterWax - The Revolutionary Cold-Apply Glide Waxing System. Now Available on Skiwax.ca

Q: What's new Andy? A: MasterWax is new! - on Skiwax.ca that is. MasterWax is a revolutionary "cold-apply" glide wax system that uses the friction heat generated by a roto wool applicator to apply specialized wax. Starting with a completely clean ski base, use the MasterWax drill attachment to apply MasterWax low to high fluoro pucks. The MasterWax waxes come with a special bonding agent that gives enhanced durability despite not melting anything into the ski base. No Toxic Smoke! No Scraping! No Brushing! (well, a little bushing to clean the ski beforehand) and more time for skiing! MasterWax is the real deal. It is used on the world cup and I saw it used with my own eyes in the Canadian World Cup Team Wax Truck when I was in Europe for the pre-Christmas World Cups. Here's a shitty picture I took of the MasterWax machine in the World Cup team truck:


While I was in Europe, I was talking to Yves Bilodeau (Long time National Team Wax Tech) about what the Canadian World Cup techs are doing with the MasterWax system and he said they use it all the time for zeroing skis for testing. It sure saves a lot of time when you have to test all 30 pairs of Alex Harvey's skate skis. Yves also said there are no longer any soft paraffins for warm snow in the wax truck. They threw away all their yellow, orange, and red paraffins in favor of the MasterWax system. Having a cleaner ski base with minimal product gumming up the base structure is now common knowledge on the world cup and the MasterWax system is chief at achieving this. But, hang on to your blue and green paraffins and your hardeners. MasterWax tends to underperform below -10C.
How's your Italian? Click below for a video.

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