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  • Winners announced for the Canadian Wintersports Ski GiveAway Story Contest!

     ​Congratulations to the Hudson's Bay Ski Club (Saskatchewan) winners of the Canadian Wintersports Ski Giveaway 2022.
  • Factory Selected Peltonen Ski Models

      Over the past few seasons of importing Peltonen skis into Canada, we've been impressed with the consistency of great skis the factory in Finland...
  • End of an Era - Fluoros to be discontinued on Skiwax.ca

    It's been a tricky balance for us at Skiwax.ca over the last couple of years trying to get people the materials they need for fast skis when those materials cause harm to nature. The time has come to make a call: fluoros are not coming back to our shelves.
  • ProForm-AL1 Wax Bench Station - Made in Canada

    Hello Ski Enthusiasts, It won't be long till the snow flies! In many places it already has. It's time to get those skis out and ready for some hard...
  • Swenor Rollerskis: What model to pick?

            Swenor rollerskis, from Norway, are the go-to choice for cross country skiers when they pick their dryland gear. My first opportunity to t...
  • Welcome to the Winter of 2019/2020!

    2019/2020 will be a ski season marked by waxing rule changes. With the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) program coming into effect in the European Union in the summer of 2020, many wax companies have made the switch from soon-to-be-banned fluoros to legal fluoros.
  • MasterWax - The Revolutionary Cold-Apply Glide Waxing System. Now Available on Skiwax.ca

    Q: What's new Andy? A: MasterWax is new! - on Skiwax.ca that is. MasterWax is a revolutionary "cold-apply" glide wax system that uses the friction...
  • Introducing Five-Dollar Shipping & FREE SHIPPING!

    FIVE-DOLLAR shipping on orders above $100 and FREE-SHIPPING $250 to All North American Addresses In an effort to make 2019 the best year ever, I'v...
  • Rode Kick Wax Now Available on Skiwax.ca!

      Public Health Alert! There's a big problem nobody is talking about: the worrying number of Multigrade addicts out there on the ski trails. If y...
  • Welcome to a New Season - Welcome to Optiwax!

      Optiwax is a Finnish company most famous for their innovative glide tape. Features the full-gamut of waxing products and tools. I'm pleased to a...
  • SKI*GO - Boulder Nordic Sport Wax Preview 2018-2019

    Taking what we learn in the field and from our test partners, Roger Knight writes up the most comprehensive insider guide to all things wax yearly. Here is his SKI*GO write-up for 2018/2019! 
  • BNS expands Skigo Distribution to Canada (Aug. 2017)

    BNS expands Skigo Distribution to Canada

    Boulder, CO – Boulder Nordic Sport (BNS) announced today the expansion of distribution of the SkiGo brand to Canada. With the recent completion of a long-term distribution agreement with SkiGo AB of Sweden, BNS expands the reach of SkiGo to all of North America. Andy Shields will serve as Sales Manager for Canada.

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