Glide Tape Application

Glide Tape Application

Glide tapes are a unique way to apply super-hard paraffin glide waxes without going through the trouble associated with ironing hard melt waxes or synthetic hardener powders. Because of the hardness of glide tape waxes, you get excellent performance, particularly in abrasive snow or very cold snow. These are also some of the most durable waxes available making them a great choice for marathoners or those that prefer to wax less frequently.

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1) Begin by making sure your skis are clean. Scraped, brushed and ready for wax.</li>

2) Unroll the glide tape covering the entire glide zone. Make sure the side of the tape marked up is facing up.

3) Using an iron set to 180C (Very hot. Most irons can't achieve this temperature so make sure you have a high-quality iron.) quickly pass the iron over the tape without letting the iron rest in any one place for very long. We want to avoid overheating the base and damaging your skis.

4) Remove the tape and immediately pass the iron over the wax again. Move the iron even faster this time and be twice as careful not to let the iron stay in one spot.

5) Since glide tape waxes are extremely hard, take a hard nylon hand brush or hard nylon roto brush to the base before the wax has a chance to cool and harden.

6) Set the ski aside to cool. 5 minutes.

7) Once the ski has cooled, vigorously use a horsehair hand brush or roto brush to remove the excess wax. There is no need to scrape glide tape!

8) Next, pass a steel or brass hand brush down the ski in the direction of travel (from the tip towards the tail) for 4-5 passes using light pressure.

9) Polish the base with a hard nylon hand brush or roto brush. Brush vigorously until the base is shiny.

10) Consider finishing your ski by adding structure with a rill tool if there is a lot of moisture in the snow, or if it is very cold or dry, finish the ski with some pink paper or a rill for cold temperatures.

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