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Get the ultimate skiing experience with custom-picked skis from Skiwax.ca. We're ready to help you choose the perfect pair from our rack or even directly from the factory. Experience the thrill of personalized gear that matches your style and performance needs. Fill out the form below to get started.

Ski Models available for Custom-Selection

Peltonen WCR Racing Collection

Peltonen's premier ski collection offers a lot of features for top athletes’ needs. Core construction with Nano High Speed base material increases the glide and performance of skis into a whole new level. Peltonen produces all the racing skis on a separate production line. You can find top featured skis that are usually available only for World Cup skiers right here.
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Peltonen Skin Skis

Introducing Peltonen Skin Skis, which offers many great improvements for active skiers and citizen racers. These skin skis offer superior grip and glide in all snow conditions and temperatures.
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Peltonen Racing Collection

Peltonen Racing collection – with lots of great improvements for active skiers and citizen racers. These skis are fast and stable to ski on. All skis are equipped with an extremely light Aircell honeycomb core and top quality base materials. Flexes are available in a uniquely wide range – manufactured up to 140 kg.