Violet Snow Conditions (Icy, Sugary Snow, 0°C to -15°C)

  • Friction Characteristics

    Violet snow has almost no suction friction, but the abrasive, hard, icy snow ice crystals provide kinetic resistance. This means durability is the biggest issue for both glide and kick waxes since the abrasive snow structure tends to rip away whatever is on your skis. Physically hard waxes (preferably with synthetic hardener additives) are your best bet for glide in these snow types.

  • Kick Waxing

    Violet conditions come in a variety of snow crystal sizes. It can be very fine-grained, in which case hard waxes will work well, or the icy crystals can be large and corny, in which case Klister may be necessary. Violet conditions can also be straight-up ice where Klister may not work. On days like those, double-poling is probably in the cards! Base binders are super important in violet conditions. Always start with a hardwax or Klister binder when you're waxing for this snow type. Grip wax can wear off in less than 5km without it.

Products for Violet Snow Conditions

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