Rollerskiing Apparel: Everything You Need for Effective Summer Rollerski Training

An aluminium skate rollerski with a longer shaft for a better balance point.

At, we offer a wide range of gear to help you maximize your summer rollerski training. Once you've selected your Swenor rollerskis and bindings, next up is finding everything you need to complete your setup. In this post, we'll go over what to do for rollerski boots, poles, gloves, high-visibility gear, helmets, drink belts, and fuel for your sessions to ensure your rollerskiing experience is seamless.

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Rollerski Boots?

Some ski boot brands make specialty rollerski boots, similar to winter boots but with less insulation and no zippered cover. Since rollerskiing is tough on boots, especially in wet conditions, which accelerates wear, we suggest using older winter boots for rollerskiing instead of buying new rollerski boots. If you need new boots, consider new winter boots and repurpose your old ones for rollerskiing. Cutting off zipper covers can improve ventilation for cooler feet.

For skate rollerski boots, opt for at least a mid-tier pair for better stiffness and stability, crucial for the less stable nature of skate rollerskis compared to snow skis, particularly for beginners.

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The most popular skate rollerski.

Rollerski Poles

If you know the diameter of your winter ski pole tips, you can simply attach a pair of special rollerski ferrules to your snow poles. However, since rollerski poles endure a lot of wear and tear, many athletes prefer to dedicate either an older pair of snow poles or purchase purpose-built rollerski poles or clearance poles for rollerskiing. Some purpose-built rollerski poles are high-viz and glow-in-the-dark: a great feature for evening ski practice in the fall. Or lower-tier 100% carbon pole model paired with rollerski ferrules is an excellent option.

If you plan on participation in FIS sanctioned rollerski races, you'll need to make sure your rollerski tips have some form or protection basket. Adding a set of Protection Baskets to the Canadian Wintersports Bulk ferrules is an excellent way to go!

A product picture of the Swenor Kids Roller Ski Vest


It's not just you on the roads while rollerskiing! Donning some high-viz gear will help you be seen on the roads. Of note is the Coxa Carry WR1 drink belt, which includes a rechargeable strobe light, enhancing visibility. The Swenor rollerski vest features reflective elements for added safety. Additionally, Rex Rollerski poles are high-visibility and glow in the dark, making them perfect for evening ski practice during the fall.


A comfortable, breathable helmet is essential equipment for rollerskiers. Due to the lower speeds and higher exertion involved in rollerskiing, we choose to bring in Catlike helmets since they are renowned for their exceptional ventilation. The Kompact'O model even comes in a high-visibility yellow color, further enhancing safety.

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A product picture of the COXA CARRY Velcro Patches (4-pack)

Drink Belts

The Coxa Carry drink belts stand out as the premier choice for rollerski hydration packs. Specifically designed for rollerskiing, they also serve as excellent hydration packs during loppet races in winter. Featuring exceptionally comfortable velcro waist straps and non-rigid bladders, they provide the most comfortable, chafe-free way to carry sport-drink during your training sessions. The WR1 model comes with a rechargeable strobe light - a great feature when you're sharing the road with cars & trucks.

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Staying hydrated and maintaining carbohydrate and electrolyte intake during summer workouts is crucial, especially during high-hour training weeks. In summer, we prefer eLoad for its high electrolyte content. Gu Roctane products also include amino acids, which we recommend for workouts lasting 2.5 hours or more.

Locking in gains with protein post-session is best done with real food, but recovery can be optimized with recovery powders like eLoad Recovery Formula or Gu Roctane Recovery Mix. Getting carbs and protein within 20 minutes of the end of your sessions speeds up recovery.

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