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SWENOR Rollerski Ferrule Sharpener
SWENOR Rollerski Ferrule Sharpener with Rollerski tips
SWENOR Rollerski Ferrule Sharpener in envelop

Swenor Rollerski Ferrule Sharpener

A rollerski tip sharpener is vital to have on hand to keep your tips sharp and primed to dig into hard asphalt. Despite most good rollerski tips being made of tungsten carbide, they still lose their edge after 30-50 km of distance traveled. Keeping your tips sharp makes a massive difference in pole slippage, especially on colder, hard pavement. The Swenor rollerski tip sharpener is double-sided meaning it maintains its roughness twice as long as comparable files. The grit is ideal for sharpening tips and is no difference between sides. Fits easily in your drink belt. For faster sharpening, keep the file wet when using. If you sharpen your tips before each rollerski, 20-30 back and forth motions with a medium pressure is enough to maintain sharp tips. If you miss a few sharpenings, it could take a while to revitalize your tips' edges. Wash with water after each use to remove dust build-up.

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  1. Fits in a drink belt
  2. double sided
  3. metal handle
  4. Comes in a protective envelop (envelop may be red or black)
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