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Swenor Rollerskis: What model to pick?


    Swenor rollerskis, from Norway, are the go-to choice for cross country skiers when they pick their dryland gear. My first opportunity to try Swenors came when the Canadian National team was using them as their rollerski fleet. Since then I've been lucky enough to try most of their classic and skate models. My general impressions of the brand is that the rollerskis are quite boring and un-dramatic. This is a good thing! No-nonsense, reliable rollerskis is what you want in your rollerski cookbook. Save the rollerskiing excitement for sketchy downhills or nutty traffic. I've narrowed down my top picks from the Swenor lineup as well as a couple other good pieces of gear to help you get through your summer volume. Lets start with Skate rollerskis:




My #1 recommended skate rollerski is the long-shaft aluminum version. Aluminum skis are the lightest rollerski option out there and are unrivaled when it comes to durability and reliability. The LONG version is recommended because the longer wheelbase gives a more realistic balance point and better stability. Overall, a more realistic snow-ski feel at a great price. Fenders included. Comes in yellow or pink. Bindings purchased separately.




I recommend the short version of the aluminum skis to skiers under 18 years old. The short version is one of the lightest options from Swenor and are easier to manage for younger skiers. Fenders included. It comes in yellow or pink. Bindings purchased separately.




A fiberglass cap skate rollerski made of fiberglass and wood - the same constriction as your winter skis! Better vibration absorption than aluminum skis makes the ride buttery-smooth. I recommend these only to experienced roller skiers as they are heavier than the aluminum skis. Fenders included. Bindings purchased separately.





For classic rollerskis, I recommend the fiberglass cap skis over the aluminum option. The smooth ride, very realistic feel with some flex as you weight the ski, and small price difference make this option very worth it over the aluminum ski. Made of fiberglass and wood - just like a snow-ski. Fenders included. Bindings purchased separately.



Lightweight, reliable classic rollerski made of aluminum. Great as the first pair of classic rollerskis or for those looking for a ski that will last. Comes in Yellow or Pink. Fenders included. Bindings purchased separately.



Swenor Rollerski Bag:

Get a rollerski bag to match your skis! Keep your rollerskis organized and your hands free when loading and unloading the car. Fits 1-2 pairs of rollerskis.


Swenor High-Visibility Vest:

A reflective vest so everyone can see that you’re rollerskiing. (Or biking – whatever the case may be.) Very lightweight - great for training in the summer heat. Comes in sizes XXS to XXXL.


Swenor Drink Belt:

A 1L insolated drink belt. Large pocket on top for keys and snacks. Stay hydrated!



Swenor Rollerski Gloves:

Lightweight rollerski gloves perfect for training in the summer heat. If you struggle with blisters, these gloves could be your solution. Leather palms and breathable back-layer. Comes in sizes 5 to 12.


Rollerski tips (aka ferrules):

Tungsten carbide tips stay sharp even after many kilometers of pounding the pavement. Apply and remove with a heat gun and glue. Comes in sizes 8mm to 11mm in 0.5mm increments.


And there you have it: My Swenor rollerski and gear recommendations. Swenor makes many more rollerski models to fill various niches. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at info@skiwax.ca.


Happy rollerskiing!

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