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A fibreglass and wood construction skate rollerski.

Swenor Skate Elite Rollerskis

Made from fiberglass and wood, these rollerskis are built to flex just like a real ski. These skis give you a more realistic snow feeling while dampening the vibrations of bumpy pavement. A smooth ride reduces fatigue so you can accomplish your workout objectives day after day. Recommended for and very popular with skiers who do a lot of rollerskiing.

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  1. Weight: 1900g per pair
  2. Length: 615mm
  3. Wheel diameter: 100mm
  4. Wheel Breath: 24mm
  5. Fitted with standard speed (2) wheels but can also be delivered with fast wheels (1), or slow wheels (3)
  6. Spare parts (wheels, mudflaps etc...) available upon request.
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