Coxa Carry from Sweden Now on!

Coxa Carry from Sweden Now on!

We're excited to announce Coxa Carry hydration waist belts and backpacks from Sweden are now available on!

Coxa is primarily designed for cross-country skiers and biathlon athletes, but their gear is also perfect for runners and MTB enthusiasts. Every Coxa product is designed for maximum comfort while meeting the demands of the most challenging ski marathons or training sessions. All Coxa backpacks and waist belts come with a super comfortable Velcro strap engineered to distribute weight to the hips while reducing bouncing & chafing.

"Coxa is a Latin word that translates to “hip” in English. It is the anatomical name for the large bone structure that sits in the pelvis and is part of the lower extremity skeleton. The coxa comprises various parts, including the hip joint, femur bone, and the greater trochanter.

The term “Coxa” is also used in medicine to describe the muscles and soft tissue that surround the hip joint. These muscles include the hip flexors, hip extensors, and hip abductors. Strengthening these muscles can help improve balance, reduce the risk of injury, and increase flexibility in the hips, which is crucial for maintaining good posture and mobility in the hip joint."

Coxa gear is widely embraced in Europe by elite cross-country skiers. At the Alliansloppet in Sweden, the world's largest rollerski race, the US Ski Team and numerous national and pro marathon teams used Coxa to help them take down enough carbohydrates during the race.  





  • R3: A 3-liter backpack with a 2-liter bladder, hose, and USB rechargeable high-vis light. The large velcro waist belt ensures weight distribution to the hips, making it ideal for events lasting over 3 hours.
  • R8: An 8-liter backpack with a 2-liter bladder, hose, and USB rechargeable high-vis light. Offers the same features as the R3, but with additional space for spare clothes, snacks, and wax.

Waist Belts: 

All waist belts are equipped with superb velcro waistbelts, ensuring outstanding comfort while being resistant to bounce and chafing. Front and back mesh pockets are perfect for gels or granola bars.


  • WR1: This is the go-to most recommended option of waist belt. It comes with a 1.2L badder & hose and insulated hose cover. The bladder goes inside a zippered pocket with slots for the hose to exit. USB rechargeable high-vis light is key for safety while rollerskiing. 
  • WR1 RACE: A more lightweight and smaller version of the WR1 focused on use in competition. 
  • WM1 Active: This product is only the belt. We've yet to see a demo of this belt in person since it only just launched, but it's slightly larger than the 
  • WM1 or WR1s. It can be fitted with a hard flask, soft flask or bladder+hose, each purchased separately.    
  • WM1: A great multi-purpose belt for everyday training. Comes with a 650mL soft flask and lots of extra space for a phone and snacks.  
  • WB1: A very comfortable but small waist belt for short workout sessions. Fits a phone, keys, an EpiPen, and maybe a gel or granola bar. It could also fit the 150mL soft flask but this one isn't really big enough to be a hydration pack.

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