Skinny Skis for these Summer Olympians

Skinny Skis for these Summer Olympians

By Kevin Shields, Gatineau, January 2023 

It is a very Canadian, and I guess Norwegian, thing to say - “when it snows, embrace the moment and make a snowman!” Alternatively, pull on some pants, a coat, gloves, a toque, and buff and skinny skis, and you will enjoy a stormy Canadian winter day. That was the case for three summer Olympians who joined Canadian Wintersports/The First Lap Coaches for an Olympian Ski Day in Gatineau Park this past January. Once at the peak of competitive international sport John Halverson, Adam Van Koeverden, and Dylan Wykes competed at World Championships and Olympic Games. Today these Olympians remain physically active year-round, their choice of a winter sport being cross-country skiing.


You can read more about the role these Olympians are playing in sport and recreation in our community at (

John Halverson, Former Norwegian Olympic Track runner, cross-country skiing in Gatineau Park, Canada.

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