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When it comes to ski wax, performance and sustainability go hand in hand. Start Ski Wax, a renowned Finnish brand with a rich history of providing top-quality ski waxes, is making a significant move by going fluor-free with its innovative "RG" wax line. In this buyer's guide, we'll introduce you to Start's latest offerings and explore how these waxes can elevate your skiing experience while also being eco-friendly.

Start®: Real innovation for real racing

Introducing the 'RG' Wax Line: A Fluor-Free Revolution

Start Ski Wax's "RG" wax line is set to replace the traditional HF (High Fluorocarbon), MF (Medium Fluorocarbon), and LF (Low Fluorocarbon) waxes. This new line offers three distinct products, each designed to meet the needs of various skiing scenarios:

RG-Ultra: RG-Ultra is the ideal choice for prepping race skis. It comes in a variety of forms, including melt wax, liquid, topper gels, and a convenient spray. This comprehensive range ensures that your race skis are prepped to perfection. Explore the RG-Ultra products here.

RG-Race: For those preparing skis for loppets or important training sessions, RG-Race is the answer. It's available in both liquid and melt wax forms, making it versatile and performance-focused. Discover the RG-Race products here.

RG: RG wax replaces traditional LF waxes and is perfect for everyday training. You can choose between melt wax or liquids, making it easy to find the right solution for your needs. Check out the RG products here.

Staying True to Quality with the SG Line

Start Ski Wax maintains its commitment to quality and performance with its SG line, which remains unchanged. These waxes are perfect for everyday training and basic maintenance. The SG line includes both melt waxes and liquids. Explore the SG glide wax products here.

Exploring More from Start® Ski Wax

Start® Ski Wax offers a comprehensive range of products to meet various skiing needs:

Oslo Kick Waxes:

These waxes have always been and will continue to be fluor-free, offering a reliable choice for your kick wax needs in old/dirty/icy snow. Magical mixes of klister, tar, and moly in a hardwax base.

Tar Kick Waxes:

Ideal for use in new snow conditions, Tar Kick Waxes are less likely to ice up, ensuring consistent performance and smooth glide.

Hardwaxes, Liquid Kick Waxes, and Klister

Start provides a full suite of kick waxes in fluor-free versions. Please note that Black Magic is no longer available - very sad.

Grip Tape: Simplify classic skiing with grip tape, complemented by the Grip Tape Cover, a hardwax that can be applied to enhance speed.

Silicon Spray: Start's silicon-based products offer a unique fluor-free alternative for wet snow conditions, making them perfect for your fish scale or skin skis.

Tar for Wooden Skis: A much-anticipated product, Tar for Wooden Skis, is now available at It meets the demands of wooden ski enthusiasts, adding a neat dimension to the Start product range.

Start Ski Wax's commitment to performance, sustainability, and innovation shines through with its new 'RG' wax line. By going fluor-free and expanding its product range, Start ensures that skiers can enjoy top-level performance while being environmentally responsible. Explore these exciting products and elevate your skiing experience to new heights.

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