Welcome to a New Season - Welcome to Optiwax!

Welcome to a New Season - Welcome to Optiwax!


Optiwax is a Finnish company most famous for their innovative glide tape. Features the full-gamut of waxing products and tools. I'm pleased to announce Optimax is now available on Skiwax.ca! Check out Optiwax on skiwax.ca here, or download the Optiwax 2018/2019 catalog.

I got to meet Jari (watch Jari apply glide tape in the video below) in Ruka, Finland today to find out more specifically about the glide tape. He said they are able to add harder compounds to the tape than is possible in paraffin format. This means glide tape waxes are speedier and longer-lasting than almost any wax out there. It's not unreasonable to expect 200km of great speed out of a glide tape application. Best of all, it's being tested as a base wax here on the World Cup. That's how you know it's really fast!



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