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Replaceable Racing Filters 3-Pack

AirTrim Racing Filter Pack (All Three Racing Filters)

Find the right amount of filtering for your level of training/racing effort and your comfort. This pack of three filters includes all three AirTrim "Racing" Filters and are designed for everyday zone 1 training up to high-intensity training or racing. Three pack of filters allow you to switch out filters from your AirTrim mask so you can breathe comfortably with your preferred level of heating vs airflow. This is the best option available in terms of the variety of filtering and value you can have. With all these filters you'll be ready for several years of AirTrim filtering. The rolled corrugated plastic in the filters is colored white or blue. The white filtering plastic offers more heating and less airflow and the blue plastic filtering material offers more airflow. The Racing Filters have varying amounts of white vs blue filtering material. The Racing3 filters offering the highest airflow and are completely made from the blue filtering material.

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  1. This pack includes all the racing filters: Racing1, Racing2, Racing3 filters (1 of each)
  2. These are replaceable filters only. Make sure you already have a mask from one of the starter sets.
  3. The 3 filters included in this pack are listed below in order from Least airflow/Most warming to Most airflow/Least Warming
  4. :Racing1 Filter for medium intensity training
  5. Racing2 Filter for intensity training and racing
  6. Racing3 Filter Most Airflow, Least Warming. For high intensity and racing

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