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AirTrim Asthma Mask is a heat/moisture exchanger for cold weather or dry air.

AirTrim Asthma Mask (Includes: Mask & 2 x Asthma Filters)

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Aerobic exercise in cold temperatures or in low humidity (desert climates or high altitude) can be uncomfortable or even damaging to your airways. The AirTrim Mask is designed to recover heat and moisture from exhaled air - protecting your air passages from the cold and dry. This AirTrim Asthma mask offers the highest level of warming and moisture retention of any AirTrim cold weather masks. This mask is perfect for those suffering from exercise-induced asthma and still wish to participate in outdoor aerobic activities. Instead of wearing a buff or scarf over your face and nose, switch to a much more comfortable AirTrim mask.

  1. Main portion of the mask is made from flexible, lightweight, and moisture resistant foam that moulds to your face and nose
  2. This pack contains a mask and two removable "Asthma" filters
  3. The "Asthma" Filters are for low intensity training and those with exercise-induced asthma. The "Asthma" filters offer the highest amount of heat and moisture retention but the lowest airflow of any of AirTrim's filters.
  4. AirTrim masks are for warming air only, and do not filter particulates from the air. They are NOT respirators and should NOT be used in the wax room or to filter air pollutants!
  5. Elastic strap is adjustable via a plastic clip to fit over scarves or thick hats
  6. Filters are rolled strips of corrugated plastic inside a circular plastic cage and are not damaged by moisture
  7. One size fits all
  8. Filters can be popped out in and out of the mask in seconds so you can switch from a high warming/low airflow filter to a high airflow filter in a pinch