Collection: Ski*Go HF Hardwax Kick Series

The crown jewel of the Ski*Go product line. These high fluoro kick waxes are a must have for nearly any skier. Even though they are expensive, I recommend everyone get these waxes and use them for all they're hardwax needs. The blue and violet waxes are especially good with their wide working temperature range so you rarely need to mess around trying to find a wax that works. Something about the proprietary fluoro compound (which is a guarded secret) gives a uniquely solid feeling of grip that I've never felt with any other wax. And yes! It's crazy how well they work in such wide temperature ranges!   For wax techs, these waxes are a benchmark for grip testing. Always have at least one of these waxes in your tests when it's hardwax conditions. Compare your other waxes to these to gauge how well they're working. These waxes are very grippy and are sometimes on the slow side for racing so covering them with a speedier wax from a different brand is sometimes necessary.

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