Skiwax.ca is supporting those who are committed to long-term engagement in outdoor winter sports while making it easy and enjoyable for others to participate. If this sounds like you and you are an athlete, coach, or wax tech, we'd like to support you!


Some of the support we provide:

  1. Access to Skiwax.ca’s entire catalog at special pricing on items for personal use.
  2. 15%-off discount code at Skiwax.ca for you to distribute to your family, friends, and fans. Ten percent of the value of orders using this discount code you can redeem for gear on Skiwax.ca at any time.
  3. Access to test samples


Some of your obligations:

  1. Social media obligations: Several posts with Skiwax.ca products per season and use the @Skiwax.ca handle
  2. Distribute promotional material provided by skiwax.ca to family, friends, and fans
  3. Write a guest blog post for Skiwax.ca and provide verbal or written product reviews