End of an Era - Fluoros to be discontinued on Skiwax.ca

End of an Era - Fluoros to be discontinued on Skiwax.ca

At Skiwax.ca, we value fast skis. However, this value has conflicted another of our values: being kind to the environment. It's been a tricky balance for us at Skiwax.ca over the last couple of years trying to get people the materials they need for fast skis when those materials cause harm to nature. The time has come to make a call: fluoros are not coming back to our shelves.

Internationally sanctioned races in Canada will continue to allow fluoro waxes this winter - likely the last season they will be allowed. Internationally sanctioned races in the U.S. will allow fluoros until mid-winter. To remain competitive at these events, fluoro waxes will have to be used. This is unfortunate due to their imminent ban at the FIS level, but also their current ban at lower tiers of racing. Having an arsenal of both fluoro wax and fluoro-free options in the wax box is necessary for the time being. To make your duo wax box more affordable this winter, all fluoros on Skiwax.ca are on sale in case you need to top off your fluoro box one last time. If you really need a fluoro product that's sold out, get in touch with us to see what we can source. We'd hate to hear athletes being at a competitive disadvantage this winter because they couldn't get a discontinued wax. Our email is info@skiwax.ca.


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